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The 2020 Fund
The 2020 Fund supports and promotes the scholarship of Black mathematicians.

Make a gift AMS leadership established the fund in June of 2020 in solidarity with Black Lives Matter activism, and as part of our Action Plan to address our Society's history of racist behavior. The 2020 Fund is one of the ways we're working to address systemic inequities in the mathematical community. The fund works toward our mission to "advance the status of the profession of mathematics, encouraging and facilitating full participation of all individuals."



One goal of this fund is to support the AMS Claytor-Gilmer Fellowship, which aims to support research of mid-career Black mathematicians. A second goal is to build an endowment that reflects the long-term commitment that the AMS has made to addressing these issues. Further goals will be developed, informed by the Task Force on Understanding and Documenting the Historical Role of the AMS in Racial Discrimination's work and donors' philanthropic priorities.

The AMS and our Board of Trustees made pledges to kick off the fund. Join us and donate to the 2020 Fund to support and promote the work of Black mathematicians. Thank you.

Chelsea Walton awarded 2024-2025 Claytor-Gilmer Fellowship

Chelsea Walton bio photo

Chelsea Walton, a professor of mathematics at Rice University, has been awarded the fourth annual AMS Claytor-Gilmer Fellowship.

Walton’s research interests include Noncommutative Algebra, Quantum Symmetries, Hopf algebras and their variants/Quantum Groups, and Representation Theory.

“After all of these efforts, I am happy to see that the fellowship has been consistently awarded to fantastic mathematicians,” said Walton. “Whether my work is fantastic is up for debate, but I do know that I have had to do a highly abnormal amount of maneuvering to become successful - via my own standards - in our community. There is no room otherwise, and models, if existent, are sparse. I sincerely hope that less maneuvering will be required for Black mathematicians in the future.” -- Chelsea Walton


Photo credits: Suzanne Weekes photo by Kate Awtrey, Atlanta Convention Photography; Abba Gumel image courtesy of AMS; Chelsea Walton photo courtesy of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.