Tools to take action

Members of the mathematical sciences community can voice concerns about and appreciation for Congressional action by writing to members of Congress, visiting with them either in D.C. or at home, and writing opinion pieces for local media. In preparation, you may want to read about AMS policy priorities.

  • Write about mathematics to improve public opinion, or in support of government funding for science and technology research and education that benefit society. See our guidelines for communicating mathematics, a checklist for submitting OP-EDs and letters to the editor.
  • Visit your congressional delegation. Prepare by reading our Hill visit basics. Each year we update the NSF State Sheets, providing information on total funds, rankings, and highlighting current grants.
  • Use the phone or write a letter. Congressional staff keep tabs on phone calls and letters received. If many constituents call about the same topic, staffers will take this to their boss for discussion. Timing is important. A letter should stick to one page. Explain why you are writing, briefly offering your credentials; use relevant facts to describe the importance of the issue; close by thanking the member for his/her consideration and offer to be a resource. While you must keep to the facts, members are drawn to personal stories and appreciate hearing how policies affect constituents.
  • Your members of Congress will each have a website, providing contact information for local and D.C. offices. Here is how to find your representative, and your senators.