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Careers in Business, Entrepreneurship, Government, Industry, and Nonprofit (BEGIN)

People with mathematical training can flourish in Business, Entrepreneurship, Government, Industry, and Nonprofit careers — where teamwork, collaboration, communication, problem-solving, and different perspectives are key.

Connect with BEGIN professionals and discover an array of careers waiting for your mathematical experience.

Talking BIG Jobs Live Interviews

In collaboration with SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) we're producing a series of interactive, web-based interviews by graduate students, for all in the mathematical community who are interested in career possibilities in business, industry, government, and nonprofit settings. One of the Tondeur Fellows hosts these interviews in a live, call-in style webinar format. This is a free event.

AMS BEGIN (formerly BIG) Career Development Workshops

BEGIN Workshops provide networking informational sessions with BEGIN people in other career and job-search activities. These occur online and in conjunction with sectional meetings.


Our work is funded in part by a generous gift from Philippe and Claire-Lise Tondeur. Philippe Tondeur has long worked to connect rising mathematicians with BEGIN career opportunities and we are pleased to use his support in conjunction with SIAM, MAA, ASA, and other participants of the BIG Math Network which coordinates these activities.