Committee on Education mini-conference.

About this Online Event

What can we do to support math majors and graduate students in this time of pandemic?

There has been a lot of rethinking of mathematics education in the age of coronavirus, particularly for entering students and those in introductory classes. However, many of our math majors and graduate students face specific challenges in the current environment. In particular, they are often confronting the crisis as both learners and educators.

  • What innovative programs exist that support our students?
  • What have we learned from what did not work?
  • What are some best practices that can or should be implemented?
  • How can our community provide leadership to ensure all of our students--particularly those most vulnerable--have the highest-quality educational experiences possible?

As the crisis unfolds over the coming months, we will further target topics for this mini-conference to address timely issues. Please check back for details about the program and speakers. 

The mini-conference will be held virtually on Friday October 23rd and Saturday October 24th, 2020. Program details will be coming soon.

Cost:  \$50 AMS members, \$100 non-members


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AMS Committee on Education

The Committee on Education is comprised of AMS members and serves as the Society's channel for communication and cooperation with other organizations on matters concerning education, provides a forum for the discussion of mathematics education issues, provides information and makes recommendations to the leadership and membership of the Society on education issues, and organizes elements of AMS meetings addressing mathematics education.


AMS Education Department

The AMS Education Department is part of the staff structure of AMS, and aims to ensure that all students have high-quality, equitable and meaningful learning experiences in mathematics, providing guidance and resources for students, faculty, and anyone else interested in education in mathematics, and advocating for the needs of the mathematics profession with government and professional organizations. The Education Department also supports the work of the Committee on Education.