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Mathematics of Computation

Published by the American Mathematical Society, the Mathematics of Computation (MCOM) is devoted to research articles of the highest quality in all areas of pure and applied mathematics.

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Math. Comp. 1 (1944), 312-323 Request permission
    L. Euler, “De partitione numerorum,” Acad. Sci. Petrop., Novi Commentarii, v. 3 (1750-1), 1753, p. 125-169. Commentationes Arithmeticae. St. Petersburg, v. 1, 1849, p. 73-101, Opera Omnia, s. 1, v. 2, 1915, p. 254-294. Chrystal in his algebra refers to a smaller table of Euler in his Introductio in Analysin Infinitorum [Lausanne, 1748, chapter 16; Opera Omnia, s. 1, v. 8, 1922, p. 327-328] and many later writers, including the author, have followed this reference.
  • Hansraj Gupta, An inequality in partitions, J. Univ. Bombay 11 (1942), 16–18. MR 0008088
  • Paul Erdös and Joseph Lehner, The distribution of the number of summands in the partitions of a positive integer, Duke Math. J. 8 (1941), 335–345. MR 4841
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  • Herbert E. Salzer, Table of coefficients for inverse interpolation with central differences, J. Math. Phys. Mass. Inst. Tech. 22 (1943), 210–224. MR 10054, DOI 10.1002/sapm1943221210
  • H. T. Davis, Tables of the Higher Mathematical Functions, v. 1, Bloomington, Ind., 1933, p. 80-81. Mr. Salzer notes “The formula obtained by Davis was checked and found to be entirely correct except for two obvious printing errors, namely, p. 81 line 6 for $3{!^2}$ read $4{!^2}$ and on line 7 for + 36 read - 36." A. Gray and G. B. Mathews, A Treatise on Bessel Functions, London, Macmillan, 1895, p. 285. Second edition, prepared by A. Gray and T. M. MacRobert, 1922, p. 309. Described in MTAC, p. 283.
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