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Mathematics of Computation

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Polynomial type Padé approximants
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by Géza Németh and Magda Zimányi PDF
Math. Comp. 38 (1982), 553-565 Request permission


Some results are established giving conditions on $f(x)$ so that its main diagonal Padé approximation ${R_n}(x)$ is of the form ${P_n}(x)/{P_n}( - x)$, where ${P_n}(x)$ is a polynomial in x of degree n. A number of applications to special functions are presented. Numerical computations are given for the gamma function using the "bignum" arithmetical facilities of formula manipulation languages REDUCE2, FORMAC.
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  • Journal: Math. Comp. 38 (1982), 553-565
  • MSC: Primary 41A21; Secondary 33A15, 41A20
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