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An atlas of regular thin geometries for small groups
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by Dimitri Leemans PDF
Math. Comp. 68 (1999), 1631-1647 Request permission


For some small groups, we give, up to isomorphism, an exhaustive list of all residually connected thin geometries on which these groups act regularly. We then show the utility of such an atlas by proving several results about smallest groups acting on a given diagram. The results have been obtained using a series of Magma programs.
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Additional Information
  • Dimitri Leemans
  • Affiliation: Université Libre de Bruxelles, Département de Mathématique, C.P.216- Géométrie, Boulevard du Triomphe, B-1050 Bruxelles
  • MR Author ID: 613090
  • ORCID: 0000-0002-4439-502X
  • Email:
  • Received by editor(s): February 10, 1998
  • Published electronically: May 17, 1999
  • Additional Notes: This research was accomplished during a stay at the University of Sydney. We gratefully acknowledge support from the Fonds National de la Recherche Scientifique de Belgique and The University of Sydney.
  • © Copyright 1999 American Mathematical Society
  • Journal: Math. Comp. 68 (1999), 1631-1647
  • MSC (1991): Primary 51E24, 52B10, 20B99
  • DOI:
  • MathSciNet review: 1654025