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Mathematics of Computation

Published by the American Mathematical Society since 1960 (published as Mathematical Tables and other Aids to Computation 1943-1959), Mathematics of Computation is devoted to research articles of the highest quality in computational mathematics.

ISSN 1088-6842 (online) ISSN 0025-5718 (print)

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Contents of Volume 69, Number 232
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Lower bounds for nonoverlapping domain decomposition preconditioners in two dimensions
Susanne C. Brenner and Li-Yeng Sung PDF
Math. Comp. 69 (2000), 1319-1339
An additive Schwarz method for variational inequalities
Lori Badea and Junping Wang PDF
Math. Comp. 69 (2000), 1341-1354
Evolution Galerkin methods for hyperbolic systems in two space dimensions
M. Lukáčová-Medvid’ová, K. W. Morton and G. Warnecke PDF
Math. Comp. 69 (2000), 1355-1384
Convergence of gauge method for incompressible flow
Cheng Wang and Jian-Guo Liu PDF
Math. Comp. 69 (2000), 1385-1407
Galerkin eigenvector approximations
Christopher Beattie PDF
Math. Comp. 69 (2000), 1409-1434
A hierarchical method for obtaining eigenvalue enclosures
E. B. Davies PDF
Math. Comp. 69 (2000), 1435-1455
Approximating the exponential from a Lie algebra to a Lie group
Elena Celledoni and Arieh Iserles PDF
Math. Comp. 69 (2000), 1457-1480
Stability and $B$-convergence properties of multistep Runge-Kutta methods
Shoufu Li PDF
Math. Comp. 69 (2000), 1481-1504
Monotonicity preservation on triangles
Michael S. Floater and J. M. Peña PDF
Math. Comp. 69 (2000), 1505-1519
Bivariate composite vector valued rational interpolation
Jieqing Tan and Shuo Tang PDF
Math. Comp. 69 (2000), 1521-1532
Korovkin tests, approximation, and ergodic theory
Stefano Serra Capizzano PDF
Math. Comp. 69 (2000), 1533-1558
Analysis of the finite precision bi-conjugate gradient algorithm for nonsymmetric linear systems
Charles H. Tong and Qiang Ye PDF
Math. Comp. 69 (2000), 1559-1575
A Lanczos-type method for multiple starting vectors
J. I. Aliaga, D. L. Boley, R. W. Freund and V. Hernández PDF
Math. Comp. 69 (2000), 1577-1601
On the iteratively regularized Gauss-Newton method for solving nonlinear ill-posed problems
Jin Qi-nian PDF
Math. Comp. 69 (2000), 1603-1623
Isomorphisms between Artin-Schreier towers
Jean-Marc Couveignes PDF
Math. Comp. 69 (2000), 1625-1631
Conjugacy classes in finite permutation groups via homomorphic images
Alexander Hulpke PDF
Math. Comp. 69 (2000), 1633-1651
Families of irreducible polynomials of Gaussian periods and matrices of cyclotomic numbers
F. Thaine PDF
Math. Comp. 69 (2000), 1653-1666
Computing the tame kernel of quadratic imaginary fields
Jerzy Browkin, with an appendix by Karim Belabas and Herbert Gangl PDF
Math. Comp. 69 (2000), 1667-1683
Poonen’s question concerning isogenies between Smart’s genus 2 curves
Paul van Wamelen PDF
Math. Comp. 69 (2000), 1685-1697
Improving the parallelized Pollard lambda search on anomalous binary curves
Robert Gallant, Robert Lambert and Scott Vanstone PDF
Math. Comp. 69 (2000), 1699-1705
Some examples related to the $abc$-conjecture for algebraic number fields
Niklas Broberg PDF
Math. Comp. 69 (2000), 1707-1710
Higher-order Carmichael numbers
Everett W. Howe PDF
Math. Comp. 69 (2000), 1711-1719
Explicit primality criteria for $(p-1)p^n-1$
Andreas Stein and H. C. Williams PDF
Math. Comp. 69 (2000), 1721-1734
On searching for solutions of the Diophantine equation $x^3 + y^3 +2z^3 = n$
Kenji Koyama PDF
Math. Comp. 69 (2000), 1735-1742

Book Reviews
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Iterative methods for optimization, by C. T. Kelly.
Reviewer: Panos M. Pardalos
Review information PDF
Math. Comp. 69 (2000), 1743-1743