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Representations of a class of real $B^ *$-algebras as algebras of quaternion-valued functions
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by S. H. Kulkarni PDF
Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 116 (1992), 61-66 Request permission


For a compact Hausdorff space $X$, let $C(X,{\mathbf {H}})$ denote the set of all quaternion-valued functions on $X$. It is proved that if a real ${B^*}$-algebra $A$ satisfies the following conditions: (i) the spectrum of every selfadjoint element is contained in the real line and (ii) every element in $A$ is normal, then $A$ is isometrically $*$-isomorphic to a closed $*$-subalgebra of $C(X,{\mathbf {H}})$ for some compact Hausdorff $X$. In particular, a real ${C^*}$-algebra in which every element is normal is isometrically $*$-isomorphic to a closed $*$-subalgebra of $C(X,{\mathbf {H}})$.
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