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Prize: Citation for Public Service
Citation for Public Service 1998 Liang-Shin Hahn; Arnold E. Ross

Third award: to Liang-Shin Hahn and Arnold E. Ross. Liang-Shin Hahn for carrying forward and developing the New Mexico High School Mathematics Contest and for exposition and popularization of mathematics attractive to and suitable for potential candidates for the contest and others with similar intellectual interests. Arnold E. Ross for inspiring generations of young people through the summer mathematics programs he created and has continued to run for nearly 40 years.

Prize announcement as seen in Notices of the AMS.

Citation for Public Service 1992 Marcia P. Sward

Second award: to Marcia P. Sward for her contributions toward establishing and directing the Mathematical Sciences Education Board from its inception in the fall of 1985 until August 1989.

Citation for Public Service 1991 Andre Z. Manitius

First award: to Andre Z. Manitius for the contributions he made to the mathematical community while employed in the Division of Mathematical Sciences at the National Science Foundation.