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Ulf Grenander Prize in Stochastic Theory and Modeling

Photo by Uosis Joudvalkis courtesy of Brown University Archives
The Grenander Prize recognizes exceptional theoretical and applied contributions in stochastic theory and modeling. It is awarded for seminal work, theoretical or applied, in the areas of probabilistic modeling, statistical inference, or related computational algorithms, especially for the analysis of complex or high-dimensional systems.

About this Prize

This prize was established in 2016 by colleagues of Ulf Grenander (1923-2016). Professor Grenander was an influential scholar in stochastic processes, abstract inference, and pattern theory. He published landmark works throughout his career, notably his 1950 dissertation, Stochastic Processes and Statistical Interference at Stockholm University, Abstract Inference, his seminal Pattern Theory: From representation to inference and General Pattern Theory. A long-time faculty member of the Division of Applied Mathematics at Brown University, Grenander received many honors. He was a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the National Academy of Sciences and was a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

The current prize amount is $5,000 and the prize is awarded every three years.

Most Recent Prize: 2024

The Ulf Grenander Prize in Stochastic Theory and Modeling is awarded to Tilmann Gneiting for seminal work in environmental and stochastic modeling, with applications to computational weather forecasting, and for research in probability theory and mathematical statistics.

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Next Prize:  January 2027

Nomination Period:  1 February - 31 May

Nomination Procedure:  Nominations with supporting information should be submitted online.

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