Mathematics Research Communities

MRC Conference Week 2b: June 4 -10, 2023

Derived Categories, Arithmetic and Geometry


  • Matthew Ballard, University of South Carolina
  • Katrina Honigs, Simon Fraser University
  • Daniel Krashen, University of Pennsylvania
  • Alicia Lamarche, University of Utah
  • Emanuele Macrì, Université Paris-Saclay


Since their introduction by Grothendieck and Verdier, derived categories have become an essential tool in the study of algebraic geometry. Their ability to bridge within subfields and to other areas of mathematics is compelling. At the same time, derived categories remain mysterious in many ways and our collective understanding is still in its very early stages. Tantalizing conjectures shimmer on the horizon and new paths branch every day.

This MRC will equip participants with a solid foundation in the modern tools for studying derived categories in algebraic geometry and provide them a greater vista across the field. Even if a participant's interests are not directly in derived categories, they will see how derived categories can be a useful tool for and an insightful perspective into their own work.

Specific topics of focus include:

  • Bridgeland stability
  • Homological projective duality
  • Enhancements
  • Computational aspects

Those already interested in moduli problems, representation theory, non-commutative algebra, and birational geometry should find stimulating points of contact with these topics. We welcome all as participants and especially encourage those historically under-represented in the field. We aim to foster a welcoming environment.

Applicants should apply to one of the programs that best matches their research interest. Applications to two MRCs are allowed, but an individual will not be selected to participate in more than one MRC. Individuals applying to three or more MRCs may be disqualified.

The application deadline (February 15, 2023) has now passed and no new applications are being accepted at this time.        

For questions about the application process, please contact the Programs Department at the AMS.