2019 Election Results



Ruth Charney, Brandeis University 

President Elect (1 February 2020 - 31 January 2021)
President (1 February 2021 - 31 January 2023)
Immediate Past President (1 February 2023 - 31 January 2024)

Vice President

Francis Su, Harvey Mudd College
Term is three years (1 February 2020 - 31 January 2023)


Joseph H. Silverman, Brown University
Term is five years (1 February 2020 - 31 January 2025)

Members at Large of the Council

Stephan Ramon Garcia, Pomona College
Rosa C. Orellana,  Dartmouth College
Dylan P. Thurston, Indiana University, Bloomington
Maggy Tomova, The University of Iowa
Bianca Viray, University of Washington
Terms are three years (1 February 2020 - 31 January 2023)

Nominating Committee

Kristin E. Lauter, Microsoft Research
Tatiana Toro, University of Washington
Talithia Williams, Harvey Mudd College
Terms are three years (1 January 2020- 31 December 2022)

Editorial Boards Committee

Charles L. Epstein, University of Pennsylvania
Tamar Ziegler, Hebrew University
Terms are three years (1 February 2020 - 31 January 2023)

Proposed Bylaws Amendment 

In 2019, members approved a proposal to amend Article IV, Section 8 of the AMS Bylaws by inserting the following paragraph:

If the president and the secretary agree that a statement in the name of the Society is urgently needed and waiting for the next meeting of the Council would greatly reduce the impact of the statement, then the secretary shall communicate the proposed statement to the Council (making a good-faith effort to reach all members) and hold a vote, allowing at least one day for votes to be received after the communication. If favorable votes are received from at least two-thirds of the entire membership of the Council, and no more than two votes against it are received, then the statement will be made in the name of the Society. Actions taken under this procedure shall be reviewed by the Council at its next meeting, where a favorable vote of two-thirds of the entire membership of the Council shall be necessary to keep such a statement in place.

The proposed amendment was adopted. The amended AMS Bylaws are posted at www.ams.org/about-us/governance/bylaws/bylaws.

Questions or comments about elections should be directed to the Secretary.

For further information regarding the AMS Elections, please see www.ams.org/about-us/governance/elections/election-info.