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AMS Style Guide: Journals

The AMS Style Guide: Journals contains the most up-to-date standards and editorial practices used in the AMS journal production system. Based on Ellen Swanson's Mathematics into Type, the Guide is a compilation of decades of experience and AMS best practices.

Part 1 of the Guide addresses the standard elements found in our journal articles, including enunciation groupings, figure and table requirements, and reference style. Part 2 delves into the editorial style guidance that we use throughout our publishing program—this part will also be of use to book authors. The final part contains seven appendices, six of which are intended as a handy reference source for all writers of mathematics.

Authors are encouraged to refer to the Guide while preparing manuscripts for AMS journals and will find that it provides answers to a number of common questions on article structure and style. Attention to the standards laid out in the Guide will help us bring your article to publication more quickly.

Please contact us at with comments, questions, or updates.

Last revised October 2017

What's in the AMS Style Guide?

Part 1. Structure
Chapter 1. The Basics of Copyediting for the AMS
Chapter 2. Top Matter, Running Heads, and End Matter
Chapter 3. Section and Subsection Heads
Chapter 4. Enunciations
Chapter 5. Footnotes
Chapter 6. Lists
Chapter 7. Figures
Chapter 8. Tables
Chapter 9. Appendices
Chapter 10. References
Chapter 11. Corrigenda and Errata
Part 2. Editing and Style
Chapter 12. Editing Text
Chapter 13. Editing Mathematics
Part 3. Appendices
Appendix A. Functions and Operators Set in Roman Type
Appendix B. Some Mathematician Names
Appendix C. Common Abbreviations and Latin Expressions
Appendix D. Nomenclature
Appendix E. Variables in Various Fonts and Languages
Appendix F. Commonly Confused Words
Appendix G. Sample Edited Article