AMS Employment Center

The Mathematical Sciences Employment Center is held each January at the Joint Mathematics Meetings over a three and a half day period. It serves as a meeting place and information center for all employers and job seekers attending the Joint Meetings.

The 68th Annual AMS Employment Center

January 5 - 7, 2022 (Wednesday - Friday)
Washington State Convention Center
Seattle, Washington

Overview of the Employment Center

The Employment Center is an in-person interviewing program for positions in the mathematical sciences (mostly requiring a PhD). The Employment Center provides tables for employers for interviewing purposes. Interviews are conducted over a period of three and one-half days. Employers sit for hours at a time conducting interviews at their tables; applicants obtain interviews with employers by invitation only. Applicants should expect to be busy only part of the time - a schedule of only two or three, or even no interviews, is not unusual. Many employers at the Employment Center are looking for well-rounded candidates for college and university teaching positions, although there are usually a few nonacademic employers participating. Research-only postdoc positions are typically not found at the Employment Center.

The job application site now also serves as the ad placement site for the Employment Center. All fees are to be paid at the ad website.

The service is free for applicants, however, all employers and job applicants planning to enter the Employment Center even just for one interview must present a 2022 Joint Meetings Registration badge or they will be denied admittance. Meeting badges are obtained by registering for the Joint Mathematics Meetings. Individual registration opens in September 2021 for the Seattle JMM. See the JMM website.

There is no admission outside of the posted open hours. Hours of operation are as follows:

  • Wednesday, January 5, 8:00 am - 5:30 pm
  • Thursday, January 6, 8:00 am - 5:30 pm
  • Friday, January 7, 8:00 am - 5:30 pm

Employer information

Choose one of these tables:

  • One or two interviewers per table in the "Quiet Area"
  • Three to six interviewers per table in the "Committee Table" area
  • One-Day Table for either Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday; seats three interviewers
  • Free electricity is provided to every table with the purchase of the table.

Any representatives of the institution can sit at the table together or work in shifts (however, each table type has a limit for the number of interviewers that can be present at the same time). Employment Center fees should be paid only for each table required, not for each person. When registering for a table, a job listing is included in the package, and may be used, but is not required. One-Day-Tables allow for onsite interviewing for one day without placing an ad. These tables can accommodate up to three interviewers. The registration is first come first served due to a limited number available.

Registration will open September, 2021. Use of the website is through password-accessible accounts, one per employing department.

Registering for a table


Log into your account at If the account has lapsed, follow links to the renewal screen. If the account is current, log in and look for the tiny "EC" logo in the top menu bar near the top of your screen. This brings you to the Employment Center page. Then use the "Buy a Table" link to make your purchase.


On, select "New Employer" from the menu bar. Choose an EC Table type and complete the rest of the form. Your account will be approved in one to two days and you will receive a notification of approval. Once approved, you are ready to log back in to post your job and begin communicating with job candidates. PLEASE NOTE: your Employment Center ad is displayed to EC applicants for information only and carries no job application functions -- it will disappear after January 31, 2022. However if you desire to have applicants make official job applications for your job via Mathjobs, please log back in, go to the Config screen, use the "Renew" link at the top and request, and pay for, a regular full-service 12-month account.

Getting Started

Once your table is purchased, it will be waiting for you at the Employment Center. Every employer should expect an email verification that their table has been purchased to come from Pamela Morin, AMS staff, in addition to any automated email that may arrive as part of the system.

Once the EC table is purchased using the instructions above, new employers will want to post a job using the "New Job" link under "Admin" on the menu bar. Existing employers may attach the EC table to any current job(s). The next step is to click on the "EC" link in the top menu bar to set up the EC account you purchased. You will see your Overview box (see below) and current jobs. Check mark any job that you will NOT be interviewing for at any of your EC tables. Then submit the screen. If you do NOT have a full-service account, make it clear in your ad how the applicants should apply.

The "Overview" box on your EC screen is NOT for your job ad. It should be used to point out any helpful information that you would like applicants to see, such as whether your search is now closed, or links to information about your institution.

Making appointments

The process of setting up and administering appointments consists of a facilitated email exchange between the employer and applicant. Please note that applicants are not able to request an interview with you directly through the system. If you would like to see requests, mention that in your ad and give an email address.

  • Using the "click here to see the list of applicants" link on your EC page, click on an applicant name from the list.
  • On the screen that comes up, the unavailable (busy) times show. Clicking on the applicant's email address will bring up the quick email invitation screen. Be careful to write the day, beginning and ending times in a consistent manner (Day - time from - time to) so that later, the list will show chronologically on your EC schedule .
  • Once you send such an invitation you may expect a reply in regular email to the email address you registered for your own login. A list of such requested appointments will be accessible on your EC page.
  • Once an appointment is confirmed via email, please return to the EC screen and click on the "confirm/edit" link next to that appointment which allows you to mark it now as "confirmed". Or, if you and the applicant agreed on a different time in your email exchanges, edit the time field to reflect that, mark "confirmed", and submit. The time field and the "confirmed" indication will show on your EC screen, and on the applicant's.

Employers will be registered when they have completed the following steps:

  1. Select an EC Table package at and pay appropriate fees on the same website.
  2. Optionally, upload an ad, or link the EC table to a current ad.
  3. Register each interviewer as an attendee at the Joint Mathematics Meetings

Employers have access to a lounge onsite with computers and coffee.

Ten things applicants should know

  1. Should I participate?
    • Only plan to participate if you register early (by mid-December). Registering on site serves no purpose since most schedules are full by that time. For those who are currently on the job market, and have made applications throughout the fall, the Employment Center is a central meeting place for employers and applicants that are attending the Joint Mathematics Meetings. The Employment Center is a great resource for making a personal connection with employers not possible on paper. However, there is no guarantee of interviews, and in fact some qualified applicants may find themselves with no interviews at all.
  2. What kind of employers are there?
    • Many of the employers are academic mathematical sciences departments. There are a few nonacademic employers each year. There will ordinarily be no research-oriented postdoctoral positions listed or discussed at the Employment Center. Attention generally goes to versatile candidates who are well suited for teaching positions at bachelor's-granting colleges.
  3. What are my chances of getting interviews?
    • Applicants should understand that the Employment Center provides no guarantees of interviews or jobs. Last year, those who responded to a follow-up survey reported an average of one to three interviews in the Employment Center. Most interviews are scheduled in advance by the employers. Applicants are unable to request interviews. Employers will contact you via email if they are interested in setting up an interview with you. You can also contact them via the contact information provided in their job listing. Keep in mind that interviews arranged at the Employment Center represent only an initial contact with the employers and that hiring decisions are not made during or immediately following such interviews. A good outcome, in the following weeks or months, would be an invitation for a campus visit. In a recent survey, 45 percent of applicants responding reported being invited later, for at least one on-campus visit to an employer they had interviewed with during the Employment Center; 30 percent reported receiving at least one job offer in the months following the Employment Center.
    • For advice about preparing for interviews with academic employers, see some guidance from the University of Wisconsin.
  4. What steps will get me registered?
    • Register for the Employment Center at beginning in September 2019 and thereafter. This is free for job seekers.
    • All applicants planning to enter the Employment Center even just for one interview must present a Joint Meetings Registration badge. Meeting badges are obtained by registering for the Joint Mathematics Meetings. See registration instructions and rates on the Joint Meetings registration form and pay the appropriate fee. You must register; meeting registration is not done for you.
  5. How are interviews arranged by employers?
    • Log onto (or create) your free account; fill in coversheet data and upload documents such as a resume look for the "EmpCtr (EC)" logo in the top menu bar to go to the Employment Center page
    • Use the "click here to sign up first" link - check the "Interested" box that comes up and enter your UNAVAILABLE time periods during the JMM, if any, and submit.
    • Clicking on "your profile page" shows what the EC employers can see about you. To add documents to that profile, go to "Portfolio -- Coversheet" in the menu bar to access your coversheet, then in the "Questions about your Mathjobs.Org account" section near the bottom, utilize the "optionally, you can select files ... " pull down menu to select one or more files that should be made available.
    • Review the positions being interviewed at the Employment Center by clicking "click here to see a list of employers." Employers issue invitations based on applications made for the position, and only for candidates that they wish to see.
    • In some cases you can also APPLY for a job using the "Apply" button, which is a good idea and further shows your interest in the job.
    • When an invitation for an interview arrives in email, respond to it quickly. You may also suggest an alternate time if necessary.
    • Invitations may also come privately by email or phone, but be aware there is no longer any messaging conducted on site on paper.
  6. When can I see which employers are interviewing there?
    • Registered employers/jobs are visible in real time on the "View Jobs" screen on - watch for the "EC" logo next to a school or job. When you are logged in, look for the list on your EC page. Please be aware that some employers do not register until close to the event. A list of LAST YEAR's employers is available to give a general idea of what to expect. Applicants should note that while most employers will appear on the web list, a few employers will reserve a table but choose not to post a job, since they are only interviewing a predetermined short list of applicants. If you have an appointment with an employer who does not appear on any list, most likely the employer rented a table there but is not using the ad services. Applicants can check on such registrations in person at the Employment Center desk at JMM.
  7. Is there a deadline?
    • There is no deadline, but the earlier you are registered, the better. Registration on site serves no purpose because interviews are pre-arranged before the meeting. Please register online as early as possible if you know you will be attending the JMM; do not wait until you arrive since employers will be busy interviewing and will not look at new registrants. If you already have one or more meetings arranged privately, Employment Center registration is not required. All you need to enter the room is a JMM meeting badge.
  8. What happens on site?
    • When you arrive before an interview you will need to wait in the Applicant Waiting Area at the Employment Center. When the employer is ready, he or she will come to waiting area, the staff there will call your name, and the school representative will lead you to the interview table. The Employment Center also provides computer access to in the applicant waiting area.
  9. What new information will I find at the Employment Center that I didn't see on
    • None. But staff will be available to answer any questions. Also, the Joint Committee on Employment Opportunities (JCEO) offers appointments for job search coaching. Applicants are invited to use the sign-up sheet located at that table to schedule a one-on-one career consultation.
  10. What should I bring to the Employment Center?
    • Pack suitable clothing for job interviews; these could occur over a period of 3 days. It is always polite to have a brief version of your resume in hand to give to interviewers who may not have a paper copy. Copying is expensive at a convention, so it is best to bring those from home. There are no printers available at the Employment Center.

See LAST YEAR'S Final Report & LAST YEAR'S List of Employers

The Mathematical Sciences Employment Center is sponsored by the American Mathematical Society; it is managed by members of the AMS staff with the general guidance of the AMS-MAA-SIAM Committee on Employment Opportunities.

For Further Information

Contact the AMS Employment Center Staff:
Pamela Morin
800-321-4267, ext. 4060. or submit an inquiry.

Note: Statements on interviewing at the JMM

AMS Council Statement

The AMS strongly encourages use of the Employment Center venues for all professional interviews of prospective employees at society meetings. The use of personal hotel rooms is particularly discouraged

MAA Board of Governors statement

The MAA strongly discourages the use of personal hotel sleeping rooms as the site for professional interviews of prospective employees. This practice is intimidating for some job-seekers, particularly those who find the situation uncomfortable and possibly unsafe.