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Mathematics of Computation

Published by the American Mathematical Society since 1960 (published as Mathematical Tables and other Aids to Computation 1943-1959), Mathematics of Computation is devoted to research articles of the highest quality in computational mathematics.

ISSN 1088-6842 (online) ISSN 0025-5718 (print)

The 2020 MCQ for Mathematics of Computation is 1.78.

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Contents of Volume 60, Number 201
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Iterative schemes for nonsymmetric and indefinite elliptic boundary value problems
James H. Bramble, Zbigniew Leyk and Joseph E. Pasciak PDF
Math. Comp. 60 (1993), 1-22
Substructure preconditioners for elliptic saddle point problems
Torgeir Rusten and Ragnar Winther PDF
Math. Comp. 60 (1993), 23-48
On the use of Lagrange multipliers in domain decomposition for solving elliptic problems
Howard Swann PDF
Math. Comp. 60 (1993), 49-78
Analysis of a robust finite element approximation for a parabolic equation with rough boundary data
Donald A. French and J. Thomas King PDF
Math. Comp. 60 (1993), 79-104
Runge-Kutta methods for parabolic equations and convolution quadrature
Ch. Lubich and A. Ostermann PDF
Math. Comp. 60 (1993), 105-131
On fully discrete Galerkin approximations for partial integro-differential equations of parabolic type
Nai Ying Zhang PDF
Math. Comp. 60 (1993), 133-166
Adaptive streamline diffusion finite element methods for stationary convection-diffusion problems
Kenneth Eriksson and Claes Johnson PDF
Math. Comp. 60 (1993), 167-188
Finite volume solutions of convection-diffusion test problems
J. A. Mackenzie and K. W. Morton PDF
Math. Comp. 60 (1993), 189-220
A method of fractional steps for scalar conservation laws without the CFL condition
Helge Holden and Nils Henrik Risebro PDF
Math. Comp. 60 (1993), 221-232
$L^ 1$-stability of stationary discrete shocks
Jian-Guo Liu and Zhou Ping Xin PDF
Math. Comp. 60 (1993), 233-244
Total variation and error estimates for spectral viscosity approximations
Eitan Tadmor PDF
Math. Comp. 60 (1993), 245-256
The Monte Carlo complexity of Fredholm integral equations
Stefan Heinrich and Peter Mathé PDF
Math. Comp. 60 (1993), 257-278
Two formulas for numerical indefinite integration
Seymour Haber PDF
Math. Comp. 60 (1993), 279-296
Quadrature of integrands with a logarithmic singularity
John A. Crow PDF
Math. Comp. 60 (1993), 297-301
A quadrature formula involving zeros of Bessel functions
Clément Frappier and Patrick Olivier PDF
Math. Comp. 60 (1993), 303-316
On the remainder of Gaussian quadrature formulas for Bernstein-Szegő weight functions
F. Peherstorfer PDF
Math. Comp. 60 (1993), 317-325
Spherical designs, discrepancy and numerical integration
Peter J. Grabner and Robert F. Tichy PDF
Math. Comp. 60 (1993), 327-336
Some gamma function inequalities
Horst Alzer PDF
Math. Comp. 60 (1993), 337-346
Modified FFTs for fused multiply-add architectures
Elliot Linzer and Ephraim Feig PDF
Math. Comp. 60 (1993), 347-361
On the use of reducible polynomials as random number generators
Da Kai Wang and Aaldert Compagner PDF
Math. Comp. 60 (1993), 363-374
Statistical independence of a new class of inversive congruential pseudorandom numbers
Jürgen Eichenauer-Herrmann PDF
Math. Comp. 60 (1993), 375-384
On the coefficients of the minimal polynomials of Gaussian periods
S. Gupta and D. Zagier PDF
Math. Comp. 60 (1993), 385-398
Finding suitable curves for the elliptic curve method of factorization
A. O. L. Atkin and F. Morain PDF
Math. Comp. 60 (1993), 399-405
Counting points on elliptic curves over $\mathbf {F}_{2^m}$
Alfred J. Menezes, Scott A. Vanstone and Robert J. Zuccherato PDF
Math. Comp. 60 (1993), 407-420
On the Euclidean nature of four cyclic cubic fields
H. J. Godwin and J. R. Smith PDF
Math. Comp. 60 (1993), 421-423
On the minimal elements for the sequence of all powers in the Lemoine-Kátai algorithm
Jukka Pihko PDF
Math. Comp. 60 (1993), 425-430
Reviews and Descriptions of Tables and Books
Math. Comp. 60 (1993), 431-445