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Mathematics of Computation

Published by the American Mathematical Society since 1960 (published as Mathematical Tables and other Aids to Computation 1943-1959), Mathematics of Computation is devoted to research articles of the highest quality in computational mathematics.

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Contents of Volume 67, Number 224
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A posteriori error estimates for nonlinear problems. $L^r(0,T;L^\rho (\Omega ))$-error estimates for finite element discretizations of parabolic equations
R. Verfürth PDF
Math. Comp. 67 (1998), 1335-1360
An adaptive strategy for elliptic problems including a posteriori controlled boundary approximation
W. Dörfler and M. Rumpf PDF
Math. Comp. 67 (1998), 1361-1382
Vortex method for two dimensional Euler equations in bounded domains with boundary correction
Lung-an Ying PDF
Math. Comp. 67 (1998), 1383-1400
Accelerated spectral approximation
Rafikul Alam, Rekha P. Kulkarni and Balmohan V. Limaye PDF
Math. Comp. 67 (1998), 1401-1422
Bounds for eigenvalues and condition numbers in the $p$-version of the finite element method
Ning Hu, Xian-Zhong Guo and I. Norman Katz PDF
Math. Comp. 67 (1998), 1423-1450
A comparison of regularizations for an ill-posed problem
Karen A. Ames, Gordon W. Clark, James F. Epperson and Seth F. Oppenheimer PDF
Math. Comp. 67 (1998), 1451-1471
Fast solvers of integral and pseudodifferential equations on closed curves
J. Saranen and G. Vainikko PDF
Math. Comp. 67 (1998), 1473-1491
High order methods for weakly singular integral equations with nonsmooth input functions
G. Monegato and L. Scuderi PDF
Math. Comp. 67 (1998), 1493-1515
The approximation power of moving least-squares
David Levin PDF
Math. Comp. 67 (1998), 1517-1531
Vector subdivision schemes and multiple wavelets
Rong-Qing Jia, S. D. Riemenschneider and Ding-Xuan Zhou PDF
Math. Comp. 67 (1998), 1533-1563
The Toda molecule equation and the $\varepsilon$ -algorithm
Atsushi Nagai, Tetsuji Tokihiro and Junkichi Satsuma PDF
Math. Comp. 67 (1998), 1565-1575
Fast algorithms for discrete polynomial transforms
Daniel Potts, Gabriele Steidl and Manfred Tasche PDF
Math. Comp. 67 (1998), 1577-1590
Factorizing complex symmetric matrices with positive definite real and imaginary parts
Nicholas J. Higham PDF
Math. Comp. 67 (1998), 1591-1599
Asymptotic upper bounds for the coefficients in the Chebyshev series expansion for a general order integral of a function
Natasha Flyer PDF
Math. Comp. 67 (1998), 1601-1616
A sweep-plane algorithm for generating random tuples in simple polytopes
Josef Leydold and Wolfgang Hörmann PDF
Math. Comp. 67 (1998), 1617-1635
A space efficient algorithm for group structure computation
Edlyn Teske PDF
Math. Comp. 67 (1998), 1637-1663
Euclid’s algorithm and the Lanczos method over finite fields
Jeremy Teitelbaum PDF
Math. Comp. 67 (1998), 1665-1678
An algorithm for evaluation of discrete logarithms in some nonprime finite fields
Igor A. Semaev PDF
Math. Comp. 67 (1998), 1679-1689
Computing $\psi (x)$
Marc Deléglise and Joël Rivat PDF
Math. Comp. 67 (1998), 1691-1696
Polynomials with small Mahler measure
Michael J. Mossinghoff PDF
Math. Comp. 67 (1998), 1697-1705
Perturbing polynomials with all their roots on the unit circle
Michael J. Mossinghoff, Christopher G. Pinner and Jeffrey D. Vaaler PDF
Math. Comp. 67 (1998), 1707-1726
Infinite families of solutions of the equation $\binom {n}{k}=2\binom {a}{b}$
P. Goetgheluck PDF
Math. Comp. 67 (1998), 1727-1733
Large primes and Fermat factors
Jeff Young PDF
Math. Comp. 67 (1998), 1735-1738

Book Reviews
Book reviews do not contain an abstract. You may download each review in this issue using the links below.

Acta numerica, edited by A. Iserles.
Computational differential equations, by D. Estep K. Eriksson, P. Hansbo.
Applied numerical linear algebra, by James W. Demmel.
Computational differentiation techniques, applicatitons, and tools, edited by Martin Berg, Christian Bischof, George Corliss and Andreas Griewank.
Numerica: A modelling language for global optimization, by Laurent Michel Pascal Van Hentenryck, and Yves Deville.
Polynomial algorithms in computer algebra, by F. Winkler.
Computer algebra in industry: Problem solving in practice, edited by Arjeh M. Cohen.
Reviewer: Richard S. Falk
Reviewer: Jeffery Cooper
Reviewer: David S. Watkins
Reviewer: Hans J. Stetter
Reviewer: R. Baker Kearfott
Reviewer: Wieb Bosma
Reviewer: Bernard D. Rudin
Review information PDF
Math. Comp. 67 (1998), 1739-1751