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Welcome to the digital edition of Notices of the AMS. When reading it, you'll enjoy the same experience of reading through the familiar features of the print magazine, with the bonus of additional online-only content, and our "Collections" references, which includes compilations of older features, reviews, Tables of Contents, and back issues of Notices to 1954.

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Topical Columns

Congressional Briefings October 2019

Math Societies to Lawmakers: Networks Critical in Our Interconnected World

GovMath October 2019

Showcasing important mathematical discoveries that have taken place in national laboratories and agencies.

Math Outside The Bubble September 2019

One Spark Is All You Need: Germain Gets the Hamilton Treatment

Math Reviews® News October 2019

Everything in Its Right Place: Part II. An Expert Guide to Searching with MathSciNet

Short Stories October 2019

Sturm und Train

Washington Update October 2019

What the AMS Office of Government Relations is doing to connect the mathematics community to DC decision makers.

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The Notices Classified Advertising section is devoted to listings of current employment opportunities

Community Updates

This news section highlights AMS announcements and offers readers a snapshot of current AMS opportunities

Letters to the Editor

We invite readers to submit letters to the editor to Notices at notices-letters@ams.org

Mathematics Calendar

A link to the AMS Math Calendar, an interactive page where readers can submit or search international math events and meetings

Mathematics Opportunities

Opportunities to apply for fellowships and grants, to nominate colleagues for prizes and awards, and to submit proposals for meetings and workshops

Mathematics People

Profiles of recent newsmakers in the math community

Meetings & Conferences

A listing of sectional, national, and international meetings held and/or hosted by the AMS

New Books Offered by the AMS

Notifications and descriptions of new AMS publications

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Corrigenda and Errata
The Corrigenda and Errata collection carries author and publisher corrections to published work.
Early Career
The Early Career collection offers links to the monthly thematic compilations of articles aimed at early career academics of all types.
The Features collection shows links to all Notices reviews articles.
Full Issues
The Full Issues collection shows links to PDFs of Notices issues extending back to 1954. Where possible, each back issue also provides a Table of Contents.
Journal of Record
The Journal of Record collection shows links to activities, announcements, and events important to the operation of the Society.
The Reviews collection is dedicated to presenting our readers with summaries of current books, plays, movies, and other artistic and cultural works involving mathematics.
Topical Columns
The Topical Columns collection offers links to all of the GOVMATH, Congressional Briefings, Washington Update, Math Outside the Bubble, Short Stories and Math Reviews® News columns.
What Is
The What is... collection carries short (one-or two-page), nontechnical articles aimed at graduate students.