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Post-Publication Information – Books 

AMS Supplementary Book Materials

The AMS Supplementary Book Materials page offers a cutting-edge feature of our publishing program.

Authors of selected titles have the opportunity to add post-publication updates to the AMS Web pages for their books, such as:

  • Addendum
  • New research
  • 4-color graphics
  • Exercises–and more!

For a full list of authors and post-publication updates, go to Supplementary Book Materials.

Promotional Initiatives

The Promotions, Acquisitions, and Public Awareness departments of the AMS will collaborate with you to provide increased visibility for your new book release.

Promotional initiatives may include:

  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Special promotions and visibility programs
  • Potential advertising in related journals, magazines, and web sites, as well as catalogs with worldwide distribution
  • "New Publications” announcements in the Notices (international circulation approximately 30,000)
  • Announcements to all commercial sales channels, domestic and international, including distributors, retail bookstores, and library wholesalers
  • Placement on
    • AMS Bookstore (announcement mailed to over 6,000 e-mail subscribers through the "What's New” e-mail alert)
  • Submission to major reviewing/indexing agencies, including Mathematical Reviews®, Zentralblatt, Bulletin of the AMS, and SciTech Book News
  • Previews available through Amazon's Search Inside This Book program and Google Book Search

Here is a more detailed list of our promotional initiatives.

Offprint Information

For most AMS book proceedings and collections volumes, free downloadable and printable PDF versions of published articles will be available upon publication.

Notification email will be sent as soon as your article is published with information about accessing the offprints site through your AMS Web account. If you have an existing Web account, a reminder of your Username will be provided to help you log in. If you do not have a Web account, your AMS customer code (AMSID) will be provided to use with your name and email to establish a Web account.

This electronic delivery system eliminates the delay from print publication to offprint delivery that previously resulted from printing, sorting, and mailing paper offprints and will provide you with permanent access to your article once it is published.