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Mathematics of Computation

Published by the American Mathematical Society since 1960 (published as Mathematical Tables and other Aids to Computation 1943-1959), Mathematics of Computation is devoted to research articles of the highest quality in computational mathematics.

ISSN 1088-6842 (online) ISSN 0025-5718 (print)

The 2020 MCQ for Mathematics of Computation is 1.78.

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Contents of Volume 14, Number 71
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On the propagation of round-off errors in the numerical treatment of the wave equation
Arnold N. Lowan PDF
Math. Comp. 14 (1960), 223-228
Rotors in polygons and polyhedra
Michael Goldberg PDF
Math. Comp. 14 (1960), 229-239
Numerical quadrature over a rectangular domain in two or more dimensions. III. Quadrature of a harmonic integrand
J. C. P. Miller PDF
Math. Comp. 14 (1960), 240-248
A method for calculating solutions of parabolic equations with a free boundary
Milton E. Rose PDF
Math. Comp. 14 (1960), 249-256
Alternative formulas for osculatory and hyperosculatory inverse interpolation
Herbert E. Salzer PDF
Math. Comp. 14 (1960), 257-261
Permanents of incidence matrices
Paul J. Nikolai PDF
Math. Comp. 14 (1960), 262-266
On the numerical treatment of heat conduction problems with mixed boundary conditions
Arnold N. Lowan PDF
Math. Comp. 14 (1960), 266-270
High precision calculation of $\textrm {Arcsin}\ x$, $\textrm {Arccos}\ x$, and $\textrm {Arctan} x$
I. E. Perlin and J. R. Garrett PDF
Math. Comp. 14 (1960), 270-274
The calculation of toroidal harmonics
A. Rotenberg PDF
Math. Comp. 14 (1960), 274-276
Transcendental equation for the Schrödinger equation
J. R. M. Radok PDF
Math. Comp. 14 (1960), 276-278
A note on factors of $n^{4}+1$
A. Gloden PDF
Math. Comp. 14 (1960), 278-279
A note on the solution of quartic equations
Herbert E. Salzer PDF
Math. Comp. 14 (1960), 279-281
A conjugate factor method for the solution of a cubic
D. A. Magula PDF
Math. Comp. 14 (1960), 281-283
Reviews and Descriptions of Tables and Books
Math. Comp. 14 (1960), 284-307
Table Errata
Math. Comp. 14 (1960), 308-308
Math. Comp. 14 (1960), 309-309
Math. Comp. 14 (1960), 310-310