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General Information about Abstracts

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All mathematicians are invited to participate in AMS meetings. The usual roster of meetings includes the national meeting each January, and up to eight sectional meetings held throughout the U.S. annually (four in the spring and four in the fall). There are occasional joint international meetings, usually held in the host country.

Sectional Meetings Require Registration to Submit Abstracts

In an effort to spread the cost of the sectional meetings more equitably among all who attend and hence help keep registration fees low, you must be registered for a sectional meeting in order to submit an abstract for that meeting. You will be prompted to register on the Abstracts Submission Page. In the event that your abstract is not accepted or you have to cancel your participation in the program due to unforeseen circumstances, your registration fee will be reimbursed.

Submitting an abstract for JMM 2025

Submit an abstract for JMM 2025. Deadline for submissions is September 10, 2024.

How Talks are Presented

Talks other than invited addresses are usually presented in one of two ways:

  • Talks (usually of twenty-minutes duration) are given in Special Sessions organized by mathematicians on specific topics. The organizers and topics must first be submitted for approval to the appropriate Program Committee. It may be that all available places within a Special Session are taken by invitation, however, contributions can sometimes be accommodated. These are known as abstracts for consideration in Special Sessions. Contributors should make note for which session they would like to be considered and contact the organizer(s) at least eight weeks before the abstract deadline for a meeting.
  • There are also sessions of ten-minute contributed papers. These contributed papers will be grouped together by related subject classification into sessions.

An individual may present only one talk in any given special session and only one talk in the contributed paper sessions at a meeting, but any combination of joint authorship may be accepted, provided no individual speak more than once in any session. An individual who presents more than one talk at a meeting will be expected to present distinct talks with distinct titles and abstracts.  At the Joint Mathematics Meetings, this policy applies to abstracts that are submitted to the AMS sessions and sessions of other organizations.

In both cases, the title and author of each paper and the time of presentation will be listed in the program of the meeting, after the abstract has been approved for publication.

How to Appear on the Program

In order to appear on the program *all* speakers must submit abstracts of their talks. The editors of Abstracts of papers presented to the American Mathematical Society have adopted the following policy: In order to be accepted for publication, an abstract must have mathematical content. It should not contain libelous, defamatory or tasteless remarks, commercial promotions, nor political or religious arguments. The AMS assumes no responsibility for the content or inappropriate remarks in any published abstract.

Papers intended for presentation at any meeting of the Society shall be passed upon in advance by a program committee appointed by or under the authority of the Council, and only such papers shall be presented as shall have been approved by such a committee. In order to adhere to this rule and to efficiently process abstracts for meetings, deadlines will be strictly enforced.

If the paper itself is not in form for publication, the words "Preliminary report" should follow the title. If the paper is in form for publication, it is hoped that the author will be willing to supply preprints to individuals upon request. Authors should also determine if their papers are accessible to undergraduate students and make the notation on the form.

Note also that the Council of the Society has adopted the following policy: Editors for journals of the American Mathematical Society are expected to follow the Society's ethical guidelines, treating all potential authors with reasonable professional courtesy, responding promptly to submissions and making decisions based on the merit of the paper as well as its suitability to the journal. Editors are not obliged, however, to provide a rationale for not accepting a paper, nor are editors obliged to provide an author with a detailed list of errors and corrections. When information is available to help the author improve a paper, whether it is accepted or not, the editor should communicate that information to the author if appropriate.

How Abstracts are Published

All approved abstracts are published electronically in Abstracts of papers presented to the American Mathematical Society. For the January annual meeting, a link to a complimentary download of the January issue is made available to registered participants.  For sectional meetings, the meeting abstracts are included in the printed meeting program, which may be purchased by meeting registrants for an additional fee. For all sectional and national meetings of the AMS, the abstracts are linked to the talks included on the web program and can be viewed as individual PDF files.

How to Submit an Abstract

Web abstract submission is the required method. There is no charge for submissions.