AMS Short Course

2021 AMS Short Course

Mathematical and Computational Methods for Complex Social Systems

January 4–5, 2021, Washington DC
(in conjunction with the Joint Mathematics Meetings)

Heather Z. Brooks, Harvey Mudd College
Michelle Feng, California Institute of Technology
Mason A. Porter, University of California, Los Angeles
Alexandria Volkening, Northwestern University

The 2021 Short Course will survey the mathematics and computation of complex social systems and highlight exciting new developments in this area. We will give an overview of the application of data-driven modeling, network science, data analysis, and topological techniques to problems in areas such as opinion dynamics, social media, political elections, and social advocacy. Through a combination of hands-on software tutorials, survey and topically-focused talks, and community-building discussions, the course will acquaint participants with a wide range of mathematical and computational methods to study problems in social science. These problems provide a terrific setting to introduce tools from a widely-used programming language (Python), overview several mathematical techniques, and discuss ways of engaging in cross-disciplinary research.

The goal of this Short Course is both to introduce participants to the mathematics of complex social systems and to engage and mentor those who are interested in pursuing research in this area.

More information about this Short Course will be available in September. Registration for the Short Course will open in September via the 2021 JMM Registration Form. See for details. Registration for the 2021 JMM is not required.

AMS Short Courses

A two-day program held just prior to the annual JMM, the Short Course introduces mathematicians and students to emergent areas of applied mathematics to fuel curiosity, discovery and research. Led by experts, activities in each course address theoretical issues, numerical challenges and practical applications.