CBMSConference Board of Mathematical Sciences (CBMS) 1970 - Present Survey Reports.

The Conference Board of Mathematical Sciences (CBMS) sponsors a national survey of undergraduate mathematical and statistical sciences in the nation's four-year and two-year universities and colleges. The national data collected on

  • Enrollments
  • Curriculum
  • Bachelor's degrees awarded
  • Course availability
  • Faculty demographics
  • Special one-time topics, which in the past have included:
    • impact of the calculus-reform movement
    • academic resources available to undergraduates
    • the mathematical education of pre-service K-8 teachers
    • requirements of the national mathematics major

are of use to academic planners at all levels and department chairs seeking additional resources from college and university administrators. Survey results are used at the state and national level in making a case for greater attention to and funding for programs in mathematics, science, and technology.

Current and Previous Reports

The 20-21 CBMS Survey

    • In October 2020, CBMS surveyed two- and four-year departments regarding their experiences with the COVID-19 pandemic and published a report for the community in March 2021.
    • In the fall of 2021, CBMS will conduct the next full survey of undergraduate math programs in the US.

Read more about these activities on the CBMS 20-21 page.

About CBMS

CBMS Surveys have been conducted every five years (since 1965) with the support of the National Science Foundation. Learn more about CBMS.

Contacts for information on data in the mathematical sciences

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