AMS Fellowships and Scholarships

Looking to expand your skills or support research? The AMS administers or supports several fellowship programs. The AMS also tracks Other Sources of Support.

AMS-AAAS Mass Media Fellowships
In affiliation with the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the AMS sponsors ten-week fellowships for graduate students in mathematics to work full time over the summer as reporters, researchers, and production assistants in U.S. mass media organizations -- radio and TV stations, newspapers, and magazines
AMS Congressional Fellowships
The Fellows will spend the year working on the staff of a member of Congress or a congressional committee as a special legislative assistant in policy areas requiring scientific and technical input. The program includes an orientation on congressional and executive branch operations and a year-long seminar series on issues involving science, technology, and public policy.
Joan and Joseph Birman Fellowship for Women Scholars
The new Joan and Joseph Birman Fellowship for Women Scholars is a mid-career research fellowship specially designed to fit the unique needs of women. The fellowships are open only to women. This fellowship program, established in 2017, is made possible by a generous gift from Joan and Joseph Birman.
AMS Catalyzing Advocacy in Science and Engineering (CASE) Fellowship
The AMS sponsors graduate students to participate in this fellowship each year. The CASE workshop is organized by the American Association for the Advancement of Science and introduces STEM students to the federal policy-making process, and empowers them to become advocates for basic research throughout their careers.
American Mathematical Society Centennial Fellowships
The AMS Centennial Research Fellowship Program makes awards annually to outstanding mathematicians to help further their careers in research. A recipient of the fellowship shall have held their doctoral degree for at least three years and not more than twelve years at the inception of the award. Applications will be accepted from those currently holding a tenured, tenure-track, postdoctoral, or comparable (at the discretion of the selection committee) position at an institution in North America.
American Mathematical Society Claytor-Gilmer Fellowship
The AMS Claytor-Gilmer Fellowship Program is a mid-career research fellowship to further excellence in mathematics research and to help generate wider and sustained participation by Black mathematicians. This fellowship was established in 2021.
Waldemar J. Trjitzinsky Memorial Awards
The Society received a bequest from the estate of Waldemar J., Barbara G., and Juliet Trjitzinsky, the income from which is used to assist students who have declared a major in mathematics at a college or university that is an institutional member of the AMS. These funds help support students who lack adequate financial resources and who may be in danger of not completing the degree program in mathematics for financial reasons. Each year the Society selects a number of geographically distributed schools which in turn make one-time awards to beginning mathematical students to help them pursue careers in mathematics. The amount of each scholarship is currently US$3,000, and the number of scholarships awarded each year varies. The AMS chooses the institutions independently and no applications from institutions or individuals are accepted.
Edmund Landau Award
As part of the Undergraduate Opportunity Awards, this award is given in memorial of Edmund Landau. Edmund Landau (1877-1938) was a Jewish German mathematician who taught at the University of Berlin and held a chair at the University of Göttingen. He helped establish the Mathematics Institute at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Landau's four problems in number theory, presented at the 1912 International Congress of Mathematicians, remain unsolved to this day. He also made important contributions to complex analysis and is known for his publications, including the Handbuch der Lehre von der Verteilung der Primzahlen. The amount of this scholarship is currently US$3,000. The AMS chooses the institution independently and no applications from institutions or individuals are accepted.