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Producing Your Article

Information for preparation of accepted articles

AMS Author Handbook

  • Designed to help you prepare your article for publication by the AMS; contains information about all facets of the AMS publication process.

Journal Author Packages

Preparing Electronic Manuscripts


  • Graphics Guidelines Provides detailed instructions for creating and preparing graphics for inclusion in an article. Following these guidelines will help your article move quickly through production.

  • Color Policy The AMS normally does not include color graphics in the print version of its journals, except in special circumstances.  (Note, however, that color graphics that appear in black and white in the print version will appear in color in the electronic version as submitted.) When the Managing Editor and Publisher mutually agree that color graphics are warranted, figures should have a resolution of at least 300 pixels per inch when printed at 100%. Ideally, they should be in EPS format; TIFF and JPEG are also acceptable. Note that PostScript is not the same as Encapsulated PostScript; the latter is a subset of the former.

Consent to Publish and Copyright Agreement

Creative Commons License


  • Use the Journals Permission Form to request written permission for use in your work of tables, figures, text, and other material taken from another source and previously published or owned by another author or publisher for use in both the print and electronic media.