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1991 Eastern Section Meeting
Philadelphia, PA, October 12-13, 1991
Meeting #868

Associate secretaries:
W Wistar Comfort, AMS

Abay, Abera    Program Listing  
Alexander, Ralph    Program Listing  
Alikakos, Nicholas D.   Program Listing  
Almgren, Fred    Program Listing  
Almgren, Fred    Program Listing  
Ammann, Robert    Program Listing  
Anderson, Michael T.   Program Listing  
Bahri, Abbas    Program Listing  
Barles, G.    Program Listing  
Barlow, Jesse L.   Program Listing  
Bates, Peter W.   Program Listing  
Berenstein, Carlos A.   Program Listing  
Bergen, Jeffrey    Program Listing  
Boman, Jan    Program Listing  
Bronsard, Lia    Program Listing  
Bronson, Steven D.   Program Listing  
Byers, Ralph    Program Listing  
Caginalp, G.    Program Listing  
Cappell, Sylvain    Program Listing  
Chang, Sun-Yung Alice   Program Listing  
Chanillo, S.    Program Listing  
Cheeger, Jeff    Program Listing  
Chen, So-Chin    Program Listing  
Chen, Xinfu    Program Listing  
Chinburg, Ted    Program Listing  
Cohn, Harvey    Program Listing  
Connolly, Frank    Program Listing  
Conway, John H.   Program Listing  
Corti\~nas, Guillermo    Program Listing  
Coxeter, H. S. M.   Program Listing  
Cs\"org\H o, Mikl\'os    Program Listing  
Dean, C. A.   Program Listing  
DeKoninck, Jean Marie   Program Listing  
DeTurck, Dennis    Program Listing  
Dong, Chongying    Program Listing  
Drueding, Thomas W.   Program Listing  
Dunham, Douglas J.   Program Listing  
Ehrenpreis, Leon    Program Listing  
Elman, H. C.   Program Listing  
Evans, L. C.   Program Listing  
Feingold, Alex J.   Program Listing  
Feit, Paul    Program Listing  
Fife, Paul C.   Program Listing  
Fonseca, Irene    Program Listing  
Fosnaugh, Linda    Program Listing  
Fusco, G.    Program Listing  
Galambos, Janos    Program Listing  
Geller, Daryl    Program Listing  
Gethner, Ellen    Program Listing  
Gethner, Robert    Program Listing  
Gindikin, Simon    Program Listing  
Goldschmidt, Hubert    Program Listing  
Gonzalez, Fulton    Program Listing  
Gonzalo, Jesus    Program Listing  
Goodey, Paul    Program Listing  
Gorini, Catherine    Program Listing  
Greenbaum, A.    Program Listing  
Greenleaf, Allan    Program Listing  
Grinberg, Eric    Program Listing  
Grochenig, Karlheinz    Program Listing  
Gromoll, Detlef    Program Listing  
Hambleton, Ian    Program Listing  
Helgason, Sigurdur    Program Listing  
Hinders, Mark K.   Program Listing  
Hoffman, David    Program Listing  
Horwitz, Alan    Program Listing  
Hsu, D. F.   Program Listing  
Hsu, Lucas    Program Listing  
Huang, Yi-Zhi    Program Listing  
Huntley, Jonathan    Program Listing  
Huson, D. H.   Program Listing  
Husu, Cristiano    Program Listing  
Ilmanen, Tom    Program Listing  
Jacobowitz, Howard    Program Listing  
Jagy, William C.   Program Listing  
Katz, Andr\'e    Program Listing  
Kaufman, Linda    Program Listing  
Kohn, J. J.   Program Listing  
Komkov, Vadim    Program Listing  
Kuchment, Peter    Program Listing  
Kwasik, Slawomir    Program Listing  
Lawlor, Gary R.   Program Listing  
Lee, John M.   Program Listing  
Lee, Min-Young    Program Listing  
Lee, Ronnie    Program Listing  
Leigh, Stefan D.   Program Listing  
Leveroni, Susan    Program Listing  
Li, Wen-Ching Winnie   Program Listing  
Li, Yanyan    Program Listing  
Liao, Guojun G.   Program Listing  
Libgober, A.    Program Listing  
Lorenzini, Dino J.   Program Listing  
Lutwak, Erwin    Program Listing  
Marek, Ivo    Program Listing  
Marson, Mark E.   Program Listing  
Mason, David M.   Program Listing  
McNeal, Jeffery D.   Program Listing  
Melvin, Paul    Program Listing  
Meuser, Diane    Program Listing  
Meyer, Carl D.   Program Listing  
Meziani, Abdelhamid    Program Listing  
Michaelis, Walter J.   Program Listing  
Miller, David    Program Listing  
Min-oo, Maung    Program Listing  
Montgomery, M. Susan   Program Listing  
Moran, Judith Flagg   Program Listing  
Moreno, Carlos J.   Program Listing  
Morgan, Frank    Program Listing  
Mou, Libin    Program Listing  
Nadel, Alan M.   Program Listing  
Nelson, G. S.   Program Listing  
Neumann, M.    Program Listing  
Nussbaum, Roger D.   Program Listing  
Oh, Yong-Geun    Program Listing  
Oliker, Vladimir    Program Listing  
Orr, Kent    Program Listing  
Osofsky, Barbara L.   Program Listing  
Ouyang, Tiancheng    Program Listing  
Overton, Michael L.   Program Listing  
Pantazis, Ricardo D.   Program Listing  
Parson, L. Alayne   Program Listing  
Pedersen, Erik Kjaer   Program Listing  
Petrie, Ted    Program Listing  
Pickands III, James    Program Listing  
Pollack, Daniel    Program Listing  
Prekopa, Andras    Program Listing  
Primak, Mordukh E.   Program Listing  
Quinn, Declan    Program Listing  
Quinto, Eric Todd   Program Listing  
Radin, Charles    Program Listing  
Reichel, Lothar    Program Listing  
Reiter, Clifford A.   Program Listing  
Rhodes, Brahm A.   Program Listing  
Rosenberg, Jonathan    Program Listing  
Rossman, Wayne F.   Program Listing  
Rothenberg, Mel    Program Listing  
Sandri, Guido v. H.   Program Listing  
Schattschneider, Doris    Program Listing  
Schmitt, Nicholas    Program Listing  
Schulte, Egon    Program Listing  
Sedaghat, Hassan    Program Listing  
Senechal, Marjorie    Program Listing  
Setti, Alberto G.   Program Listing  
Shaw, Mei-Chi    Program Listing  
Shemanske, Thomas R.   Program Listing  
Shen, Zhongmin    Program Listing  
Silverman, Joseph    Program Listing  
Simon, Julie D.   Program Listing  
Slutskin, Lev    Program Listing  
Smith, Justin R.   Program Listing  
Socolar, Joshua E. S.   Program Listing  
Sondow, Jonathan    Program Listing  
Soner, H. Mete   Program Listing  
Soravia, Pierpaolo    Program Listing  
Souganidis, Panagiotis E.   Program Listing  
Steinberger, Mark    Program Listing  
Sternberg, Peter    Program Listing  
Stewart, G. W.   Program Listing  
Stewart, William J.   Program Listing  
Strang, Gilbert    Program Listing  
Strichartz, Robert S.   Program Listing  
Stromquist, Walter    Program Listing  
Su, Jianzhong    Program Listing  
Szab\'o, S\'andor    Program Listing  
Taft, Earl J.   Program Listing  
Tartakoff, David S.   Program Listing  
Taylor, Howard M.   Program Listing  
Taylor, Jean    Program Listing  
Taylor, Jean    Program Listing  
Trefethen, Lloyd N.   Program Listing  
Trench, William F.   Program Listing  
Treves, Francois    Program Listing  
Vovsi, Samuel M.   Program Listing  
Wei, Fusheng    Program Listing  
Weinberger, Shmuel    Program Listing  
Weiss, Asia Ivi\'c   Program Listing  
West, Donald C.   Program Listing  
Widlund, Olof B.   Program Listing  
Wolf, Michael    Program Listing  
Wolsson, Kenneth    Program Listing  
Wright, David J.   Program Listing  
Yan, Min    Program Listing  
Yang, Deane    Program Listing  
Yang, Grace L.   Program Listing  
Yang, Yisong    Program Listing  
Ye, Rugang    Program Listing  
Zagier, Don    Program Listing  
Zhu, Xiao-Wei    Program Listing  

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