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AMS Sectional MeetingsThe AMS holds eight sectional meetings annually.

The AMS holds eight sectional meetings annually. Generally, there is one meeting in the spring and one in the fall in each geographic section. Attendees are welcome from anywhere. Please see the full list of the upcoming sectional meetings.

Each sectional meeting usually runs for two days, with three or four invited addresses and as many special sessions as time and space allow. The sectional meetings also include social events and opportunities to shop at the on-site AMS Bookstore. In addition, Erdős Memorial Lectures and Einstein Public Lectures are held in conjunction with some of these meetings.

Sectional Meetings Require Registration to Submit Abstracts

In an effort to spread the cost of the sectional meetings more equitably among all who attend and hence help keep registration fees low, starting with the 2020 fall sectional meetings, you must be registered for a sectional meeting in order to submit an abstract for that meeting. You will be prompted to register on the Abstracts Submission Page. In the event that your abstract is not accepted or you have to cancel your participation in the program due to unforeseen circumstances, your registration fee will be reimbursed.

AMS Sections


map of U.S. and Canada showing four AMS sections


  • Western — comprised of those states west of Nebraska (and those provinces of Canada north of that portion of the U.S.)
  • Central — comprised of those states west of Pennsylvania and east of Colorado (and those provinces of Canada north of this section)
  • Eastern — comprised of those states east and north of Pennsylvania (including Pennsylvania and those provinces of Canada north of this portion of the U.S.)
  • Southeastern — comprised of those states south of Maryland from the East Coast to the Mississippi River and beyond, including Arkansas and Louisiana

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