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1999 Fall Eastern Sectional Meeting
Providence, RI, October 2-3, 1999
Meeting #947

Associate secretaries:
Lesley M Sibner, AMS

Achter, Jeffrey D.   Program Listing  
Atzema, Eisso J   Program Listing  
Baragar, Arthur    Program Listing  
Baranovsky, Vladimir    Program Listing  
Barbasch, Dan M   Program Listing  
Barcelo, H/'el\`ene    Program Listing  
Baum, Paul    Program Listing  
Benedetto, Robert L   Program Listing  
Ben-Zvi, David D   Program Listing  
Berestycki, Henri    Program Listing  
Bienenstock, Elie    Program Listing  
Billera, Louis J   Program Listing  
Birindelli, Isabeau    Program Listing  
Boston, Nigel    Program Listing  
Boyer, Erin M   Program Listing  
Braverman, Alexander    Program Listing  
Brenti, Francesco    Program Listing  
Brown, Kenneth S.   Program Listing  
Brylinski, Ranee K   Program Listing  
Buium, Alexandru    Program Listing  
Burdick, Bruce S   Program Listing  
Busca, Jerome B.   Program Listing  
Cabr\'e, Xavier    Program Listing  
Call, Gregory S   Program Listing  
Chang, Stanley S   Program Listing  
Chen, Yong-Zhuo    Program Listing  
Chinburg, Ted C   Program Listing  
Conrad, Keith    Program Listing  
Craig, Walter    Program Listing  
Cunningham, Clifton    Program Listing  
Davitt, Richard M   Program Listing  
Donley Jr., Robert W   Program Listing  
Dranishnikov, Alexander N   Program Listing  
Duval, Art    Program Listing  
El-Mitwalli, Hamdi    Program Listing  
Etingof, Pavel I   Program Listing  
Everest, Graham R   Program Listing  
Fastenberg, Lisa A   Program Listing  
Fidkowski, Lukasz    Program Listing  
Fong, Wungkum    Program Listing  
Fung, Francis Y.   Program Listing  
Fung, Maria G   Program Listing  
Funke, Jens P   Program Listing  
Gaitsgory, Dennis    Program Listing  
Gibbons, Carol H   Program Listing  
Ginzburg, Victor    Program Listing  
Goel, Ram M   Program Listing  
Goldstine, Susan    Program Listing  
Gong, Guihua    Program Listing  
Gorokhovsky, Alexander    Program Listing  
Gouvea, Fernando Q   Program Listing  
Grinberg, Mikhail    Program Listing  
Grossberg, Stephen    Program Listing  
Guentner, Erik    Program Listing  
Gui, Changfeng    Program Listing  
Gunnells, Paul E   Program Listing  
Hajir, Farshid    Program Listing  
Hamel, Francois    Program Listing  
Han, Zheng-Chao    Program Listing  
Haskell, Peter    Program Listing  
Hastings, Harold M   Program Listing  
Hayes, David R   Program Listing  
He, Hongyu L   Program Listing  
Henderson, Johnny    Program Listing  
Hersh, Patricia L   Program Listing  
Hibi, Takayuki    Program Listing  
Ivanov, Anatoli F   Program Listing  
Ji, Ronghui    Program Listing  
Jones, Christopher K   Program Listing  
Joseph, Benjamin S   Program Listing  
Kaminker, Jerome    Program Listing  
Kasparov, Gennadi    Program Listing  
Kent, Candace M.   Program Listing  
King, Donald R   Program Listing  
Kirillov, Alexander Jr.    Program Listing  
Kisilevsky, Hershy H   Program Listing  
Kotiuga, P Robert    Program Listing  
Kulenovic, M.R. S.   Program Listing  
Kulkarni, Upendra B   Program Listing  
Kuznetsov, Alexander G   Program Listing  
Lagarias, Jeffrey C   Program Listing  
Landry, Barbara P.   Program Listing  
Lauter, Kristin E   Program Listing  
Lee, Eileen F   Program Listing  
Levins, Richard    Program Listing  
Li, YanYan    Program Listing  
Lifschitz, Lucy    Program Listing  
Lubin, Jonathan    Program Listing  
Marshall, David C   Program Listing  
Mirkovi\'c, Ivan    Program Listing  
Morris, Lawrence E   Program Listing  
Morton, Patrick    Program Listing  
Mumford, David    Program Listing  
Murnaghan, Fiona    Program Listing  
Murray, Scott H   Program Listing  
Nistor, Victor    Program Listing  
Ostrik, Viktor    Program Listing  
Otero, Daniel E   Program Listing  
Padilla, Pablo    Program Listing  
Papanikolas, Matthew A   Program Listing  
Parshall, Brian    Program Listing  
Pedersen, Erik K   Program Listing  
Peterson, Allan C.   Program Listing  
Plofker, Kim    Program Listing  
Poggio, Tomaso A   Program Listing  
Polishchuk, Alexander    Program Listing  
Pomerance, Carl    Program Listing  
Poonen, Bjorn    Program Listing  
Poonen, Bjorn    Program Listing  
Prokup, N. R.   Program Listing  
Pugh, Mary C   Program Listing  
Radin, Michael A   Program Listing  
Reiner, Victor S.   Program Listing  
Rickey, V. Frederick   Program Listing  
Robins, Sinai    Program Listing  
Ross, Susan C   Program Listing  
Rumynin, Dmitriy    Program Listing  
Sagan, Bruce E   Program Listing  
Sahi, Siddhartha    Program Listing  
Saliga, Linda Marie    Program Listing  
Sandifer, Edward    Program Listing  
Schick, Thomas    Program Listing  
Silverman, Joseph H.   Program Listing  
Sirakov, Boyan    Program Listing  
Skandera, Mark A.   Program Listing  
Sommers, Eric N   Program Listing  
Stanley, Richard P.   Program Listing  
Stein, Robert G   Program Listing  
Stembridge, John R   Program Listing  
Sun, Ziqi    Program Listing  
Suzuki, Jeff A   Program Listing  
Tattersall, James J   Program Listing  
Teitelbaum, Jeremy    Program Listing  
Teixeira, Christopher T   Program Listing  
Thakur, Dinesh S   Program Listing  
Thomas, Diana M   Program Listing  
Trapa, Peter E   Program Listing  
Trout, Jody    Program Listing  
Valicenti, Soudabeh    Program Listing  
Vivaldi, Franco    Program Listing  
Vogan, David A   Program Listing  
Vogelius, Michael S   Program Listing  
Vogtmann, Karen    Program Listing  
Welker, Volkmar    Program Listing  
White, Dennis E   Program Listing  
Williams, Floyd L.   Program Listing  
Yu, Guoliang    Program Listing  
Zelevinsky, Andrei    Program Listing  
Zhu, Meijun    Program Listing  
Zimmermann, Karl F   Program Listing  
Zou, Henghui    Program Listing  
Zuckerman, Gregg J.   Program Listing  

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