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Upcoming AMS Sectional Meetings

Current as of Sunday, May 15, 2022 03:30:04

Some of the 2022 Sectional Meetings will be held virtually. They will occur on the original dates. Further details will be posted as soon as they become available. Please email any questions to Meetings staff.

Sectional Meetings Require Registration to Submit Abstracts - In an effort to spread the cost of the sectional meetings more equitably among all who attend and hence help keep registration fees low, you must be registered for a sectional meeting in order to submit an abstract for that meeting. You will be prompted to register on the Abstracts Submission Page. In the event that your abstract is not accepted or you have to cancel your participation in the program due to unforeseen circumstances, your registration fee will be reimbursed.

Refunds on Registration Fees - If any of the sectional meetings are changed to virtual or cancelled, your fees will be refunded 100% automatically. There will be no need to contact the Meetings department. If any change to virtual, registration will be reopened with different fees.

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May 14-15, 2022 (Saturday - Sunday) now meeting virtually, PDT (hosted by the American Mathematical Society), Virtual, RI (Spring Western Sectional Meeting (formerly at University of Denver))
Meeting # 1178, Abstract Issue: 43/3
Deadlines    Program    Registration/Etc.      

September 17-18, 2022 (Saturday - Sunday) University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, TX (Fall Central Sectional Meeting)
Meeting # 1179, Abstract Issue: 43/3
Deadlines    Program    Registration/Housing/Etc.      

October 1-2, 2022 (Saturday - Sunday) University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Amherst, MA (Fall Eastern Sectional Meeting)
Meeting # 1180, Abstract Issue: 43/4
Deadlines    Program    Registration/Housing/Etc.      

October 15-16, 2022 (Saturday - Sunday) University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Chattanooga, TN (Fall Southeastern Sectional Meeting)
Meeting # 1181, Abstract Issue: 43/4
Deadlines    Program    Registration/Housing/Etc.      

October 22-23, 2022 (Saturday - Sunday) University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT (Fall Western Sectional Meeting)
Meeting # 1182, Abstract Issue: 43/4
Deadlines    Program    Registration/Housing/Etc.      

March 18-19, 2023 (Saturday - Sunday) Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA (Spring Southeastern Sectional Meeting)
Meeting # 1184
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April 1-2, 2023 (Saturday - Sunday) meeting virtually, EDT (hosted by the American Mathematical Society), , (Spring Eastern Virtual Sectional)
Meeting # 1185
Deadlines    Program         

April 15-16, 2023 (Saturday - Sunday) University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH (Spring Central Sectional Meeting)
Meeting # 1186
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May 6-7, 2023 (Saturday - Sunday) California State University, Fresno, Fresno, CA (Spring Western Sectional Meeting)
Meeting # 1187
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September 9-10, 2023 (Saturday - Sunday) University at Buffalo (SUNY), Buffalo, NY (Fall Eastern Sectional Meeting)
Meeting # 1188
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October 7-8, 2023 (Saturday - Sunday) Creighton University, Omaha, NE (Fall Central Sectional Meeting)
Meeting # 1190
Deadlines    Program         

October 13-15, 2023 (Friday - Sunday) University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL (Fall Southeastern Sectional Meeting)
Meeting # 1189
Deadlines    Program         

October 21-22, 2023 (Saturday - Sunday) University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM (Fall Western Sectional Meeting)
Meeting # 1191
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April 6-7, 2024 (Saturday - Sunday) Howard University, Washington, DC (Spring Eastern Virtual Sectional)
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May 4-5, 2024 (Saturday - Sunday) San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA (Spring Western Sectional Meeting)
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October 26-27, 2024 (Saturday - Sunday) University of California, Riverside, Riverside, CA (Fall Western Sectional Meeting)
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