International Institutional Membership

The American Mathematical Society extends its institutional membership privileges to institutions outside North America. The expanded program offers Society discounts and benefits previously available only to qualifying North American institutions. By expanding its membership privileges to institutions outside North America, the AMS broadens the opportunities for communication and dialogue in the mathematical community worldwide. Please see a list of our current International Institutional Members.

International Institutional Membership Benefits


  • 20% off AMS eBook Collections
  • 20% off AMS Journal Subscriptions
  • 16% off MathSciNet®, the premier AMS service for searching almost 3 million items and over 1.7 million direct links to original articles of mathematical sciences literature.*
  • 20% off advertising rates in AMS publications such as the Notices of the American Mathematical Society, the Society's journal of record with circulation of more than 30,000.
  • 20% off AMS mailing list rentals. Our list of mathematicians and other scientists is quite likely the richest source of researchers and educators you'll find anywhere.

*The discount is available to all departments and libraries on the same campus, provided orders are placed either directly with the AMS or through a participating agent.

Complimentary Subscriptions:

Complimentary Memberships:

  • Four complimentary memberships**. At least one must be a nominee student, but the others may be faculty. Additional graduate student memberships can be added for a small fee.
    • Graduate Student Members are individuals appointed by the department of mathematics of member institutions and are considered regular individual members of the Society who do not pay dues during the period they are graduate students.


  • In early fall, each institutional member will receive a letter in the mail about the opportunity to renominate, nominate, or drop student memberships.
  • Institutions that do not have a graduate program in mathematical sciences are entitled to nominate up to four (4) individuals for membership.
  • At least one (1) of these nominated members must be a regularly enrolled student. The remaining nominations may be faculty members.
  • Additional nominated student memberships may be purchased for $51.

International Institutional Membership Dues

Annual dues of International Institutional Members are set by action of the Council of the Board of Trustees of the American Mathematical Society and are based on the level of mathematical activity at the institution. The AMS membership year extends from January through December. Contact us to inquire about joining as an international institution.