We believe in the power of participation, diversity and inclusivity to inspire and connect mathematicians across cultural, international, and disciplinary boundaries.

Currently, the AMS is working with a consultant to guide and extend our work to promote a mathematics community that is diverse, respectful, accessible, and inclusive. Maintaining a community that celebrates members with various backgrounds and beliefs is critically important to the AMS. We believe that with increased attention to diversity, inclusion, and education, the AMS will be a leader in serving all parts of the mathematics community.

Catherine A. Roberts,
AMS Executive Director and interim
Director for Diversity and Inclusion


The American Mathematical Society (AMS) is committed to fostering efforts to support the hiring, retention and promotion of women and underrepresented minorities at all levels of academia and in industry. Members, both individual and institutional, are urged to examine their policies and procedures to find ways to facilitate careers in mathematics for traditionally underrepresented groups.

Upcoming Conferences and Opportunities


No matter one’s economic situation, geographic location, culture, age, or language, we believe that everyone should have the chance to participate in mathematical research, teaching, and outreach.


The AMS provides support to a variety of organizations advancing the work of diversity and inclusion in our mathematics community.

Book Programs

Annually, the AMS provides a copy of one of the books we publish to the mathematics departments at dozens of Historically Black Colleges & Universities and at Hispanic Serving Institutions.

AMS Blogs

Our AMS blogs are written by mathematicians whose goal is to discuss issues and create a conversation within the community to be more inclusive.

inclusion/exclusion is a blog about underrepresented groups in mathematics. The main goal of this blog is to discuss issues pertaining to marginalized and underrepresented groups in mathematics.

Math Mamas is about how the identities of being a mathematician and a mother intersect (and sometimes collide) each and every day.

Recognizing and Inspiring

The AMS creates posters that celebrate the achievements of a diverse group of mathematicians. The posters are free and available upon request.

Celebrating Women Mathematicians
Mathematically Gifted and Black
John Urschel

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