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Next Generation Fund

Support for early-career mathematicians is critical. Scholars strive to finish dissertations, find employment, keep current in their areas of study, and deepen their scientific research. Financial backing during this phase can have a profound impact, but traditional university and federal support is increasingly difficult to obtain.

The Next Generation Fund is a new endowment exclusively devoted to addressing these needs. The Next Generation Fund will help those in doctoral studies through five years post PhD to attend conferences and workshops, develop collaborative projects, and more. It will secure support for existing successful early-career programs at the American Mathematical Society (AMS) and be a resource for innovative programs ahead. The Board of Trustees of the AMS recently approved its creation and purpose as part of our mission.

The campaign to seed this endowment has been launched by an exceptional benefactor's pledge of up to $1.5 million, provided the AMS can raise an equal amount. This donor is inspired to help earlycareer scholars and has challenged the mathematics community to join in establishing this essential source of support. One of the joys of mathematics is that unanticipated advances are often made by our rising scholars. We hope you will join us in making a generous gift to the Campaign for The Next Generation to support each new generation of mathematicians.

  • Campaign Co-Chairs —

  • Robert K. Lazarsfeld

  • Kenneth A. Ribet

  • Jennifer Taback

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