Free Online Lectures & Seminars

Due to COVID-19, many mathematical seminars, conferences, and research lectures have changed to an online format. This is a list of free offerings of this nature, sorted by mathematical field. The list does not include regular classes or online education in general. Want to submit a listing? Jill Pipher lectures at AMS Sectional

Algebra/Number Theory

  • Competitive Equilibrium with Gross Substituteswith Applications to Problems in Matching, Pricing, and Market Design, ICERM, May 11-12, 2020, please find details on the seminar page.
  • Lattice Point Distribution and Homogeneous Dynamics, ICERM, June 22-26, 2020. See the workshop page for schedule and details.
  • Number Theory Web Seminar, see Seminar web page for details.
  • VaNTAGe Seminar, organized in groups of 4-5 focused on an open conjecture in number theory or arithmetic geometry. Colorado State University and MIT. Takes place on alternate Tuesdays. Find topics and schedule on the seminar site.

Real, Complex, Functional, Harmonic Analysis (and Topological Groups)

  • Algorithms for Dimension and Complexity Reduction, Workshop, Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics (ICERM). Lecture links appear at the bottom of the Workshop web page. Originally scheduled for March 23-27, 2020; offered virtually only.
  • Virtual Harmonic Analysis Seminar Series, the talks will begin on the 28th of April, and there will be one per week. Anyone interested in subscribing to the mailing list to receive Zoom meeting details can find contact information on the Seminar page


  • Algebraic Topology From A Geometric Viewpoint, Dev Sinha, University of Oregon and MIT. Seminar web page.
  • BISTRO Seminar, Find more information on the website.
  • Derived Stacks as Infinity-Groupoids in Categories of Fibrant Objects, Prof. Ezra Getzler, Northwestern University. Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI). On YouTube.
  • Online Nottingham Algebraic Geometry Seminar, University of Nottingham. See Seminar web page for details. 
  • WAGON (for Western Algebraic Geometry ONline), Nick Addington, Juliette Bruce, Johan de Jong, Ariyan Javanpeykar, Valentijn Karemaker, etc., WAGS (Western Algebraic Geometry Symposium) Spring 2020 virtual edition. Through Zoom, see the Conference page for details.
  • ZAG (Zoom Algebraic Geometry) Seminar, Caucher Birkar, Helene Esnault, Cristopher Hacon, Claire Voisin and Chenyang Xu. First worldwide regular online seminar in algebraic geometry. The seminar takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays via Zoom. Zoom passwords are given via mailing list. To join the mailing list go to the website.

Discrete Math/Combinatorics/Logic/Computer Science 

  • COMSOC Video Seminar: International Seminar Series on Social Choice, Inaugural Session is Friday, April 24, with two speakers: Edith Elkind and Vincent
    Conitzer. Topics include, for example: Voting and collective decision making, Preference elicitation and representation, restricted preference domains, Opinion diffusion and aggregation on social networks, Judgement aggregation, Fair division and allocation, Matching and coalition formation. Researchers from all disciplines are welcome to present and attend. See website for more information.
  • Logics in quarantine, Brazilian Logic Society, see the seminar's page for details.
  • Variable Precision in Mathematical and Scientific Computing, ICERM, May 7-May 8, 2020. See workshop page for schedule.
  • Virtual Combinatorics Colloquium, ongoing, hosted by the Northeast Combinatorics Network. Colloquium site.



  • COVID-19: The Exponential Power of Now, Prof. Nicholas Jewell. Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI). On YouTube. Recorded March 19, 2020. “Where are we with COVID-19, and how are mathematical models and statistics helping us develop strategies to overcome the burden of infections. Nicholas P. Jewell is Chair of Biostatistics and Epidemiology at the London School of Medicine and Tropical Medicine and Professor of the Graduate School (Biostatistics and Statistics) at the University of California, Berkeley.”

Linear, Non-linear Optimization/Control

Differential, Integral, Difference Equations

Mathematics Education

  • Electronic Seminar in Mathematics Education, MIT, Cornell, TPSE Math. Live via Zoom on alternate Tuesdays at noon ET; or view recordings from past seminars. Seminar web  page

Data science

  • MAD+ seminar, organized jointly by NYU and ETH Zurich. Seminar page.
  • One World Seminar: Mathematical Methods for Arbitrary Data Sources (MADS). Applied Mathematics Inverse Problems. Overview and schedule. 
  • One World Mathematics of Information, Data, and Signals (MINDS), Michigan State University, UC San Diego, UCLA, ETH, and TUM, Andrea Bertozzi (UCLA), Thomas Strohmer (UC Davis), Anna Gilbert (University of Michigan), etc. Overview and schedule.

Applied Mathematics 

  • One World Seminar Series: IMAGing and INvErse problems (IMAGINE) Seminar. Overview and schedule. 
  • UMKC Math & Stat Research Day, Friday April, 17, 2020, has a focus on COVID-19 and disease modeling. Through Zoom, there is no restriction for joining or
    leaving the zoom meeting. Find the schedule on UMKC's web page (talks will be recorded and placed on the web page).
  • Waves in One World (One World Seminars). ICMS, Edinburgh.  Overview and schedule.  


All Areas 

  • Talk Math with your Friends, (#TMWYF on Twitter)  is a weekly virtual mathematics colloquium created to provide a replacement of sorts for mathematics departments' weekly colloquia during the COVID-19 shutdown of colleges and universities. Through Zoom, find details on the web page.

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