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Committee on Education Mini-Conference
Rethinking graduate admissions in the mathematical sciences

This conference was held Friday, September 23, 2022 – 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern online and in-person at our AMS Washington, D.C. Office.


The higher education landscape has been shifting dramatically during the past few years and our mathematical sciences community has an unprecedented opportunity to shape the future of graduate admissions. Indeed, many departments are reevaluating admission standards and metrics, addressing issues related to equity and diversity, and large-scale changes to the academic ecosystem that are a result of the COVID pandemic.

The 2022 AMS Mini-conference on Education will bring together directors of undergraduate and graduate studies, department chairs, federal policy-makers, academic administrators, and other educators to highlight promising improvements in admissions processes and brainstorm efforts that can be implemented in the future. Participants will address a variety of topics including admissions rubrics, recruitment and retention, and recent trends in equity and diversity. In particular, the Mini-conference will facilitate conversations among attendees about how to better facilitate the student transition from undergraduate to graduate school.

Speakers and panelists include: Tim McEldowney (West Virginia University), David Goldberg (Purdue University), Roz Hargraves (National Science Foundation), Raegan Higgins (Texas Tech University) Jackie Huntoon (National Science Foundation), David Manderscheid (National Science Foundation), Richard McGehee (University of Minnesota), Kelly McKinnie (University of Montana), Oscar Vega (California State University Fresno), Katrin Wehrheim (University of California Berkeley), Emily Winn (Brown University), Michael Young (Carnegie Mellon University), Lee Zia (National Science Foundation) 



Time (Eastern) Title and Presenters
9:30 AM


Michael Dorff (AMS Committee on Education)


GRE: Graduate Student Rejection and Exclusion

Tim McEldowney (Centre College) and Emily Winn (Brown University)

10:45 Break

Programs and initiatives at the National Science Foundation

Roz Hargraves (EHR/DUE), Jackie Huntoon (EHR/DGE), David Manderscheid (MPS/DMS), and Lee Zia (EHR)

12:00 PM Lunch

The Math Alliance: Mentoring for Success from Admissions to the Doctorate

David Goldberg (Purdue University)

1:30 Panel - Graduate Students
2:20 Break

The EDGE Program

Raegan Higgins (Texas Tech University)


Panel - Leaders in Graduate Education

Richard McGehee (University of Minnesota), Kelly McKinnie (University of Montana), Oscar Vega (California State University Fresno), Katrin Wehrheim (University of California Berkeley)

4:00 Break

Studying Successful Doctoral Students in Mathematics from Underrepresented Groups

Michael Young (Carnegie Mellon University)

5:00 Closing