The AMS BIG Career Development (ABCD) Workshops and Panels

Providing networking, informational sessions with BIG people in other career and job-search activities.

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Talking BIG Jobs (business entrepreneurship, industry, government, nonprofits, etc.)

Listen to live interviews with mathematicians who work in BIG settings as they talk about their BIG jobs.

In collaboration with SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) we're producing a series of live web-based interviews by graduate students, for graduate students interested in learning about career possibilities in BIG settings. Mathematicians who work in these arenas will be interviewed by one of these hosts.

New! BIG Math Network Industry Connection Series

Features interactive 'office hours' with mathematical scientists working in industry, connecting students in all levels of the mathematical sciences directly with industry members who can answer student-generated questions. 

BIG Career Data



We're currently gathering data on career arcs of 1,300 PhD mathematicians who graduated ten (10) years ago. We expect to make this data available soon. Preliminary findings indicate that nearly 25% of the graduates from a decade ago now work in BIG environments. This work is in collaboration with SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics).

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BIG Career Center JMM 2020


The BIG idea:

Jobs using mathematics, statistics, and operations research are projected to grow by almost 30% over the next decade. People with mathematical training and experience can flourish in careers in Business, Industry, and Government – where teamwork, collaboration, communication, problem-solving, and different perspectives are key. The BIG Career Center is a place to meet and learn from those who work in a BIG environment.

Our work is funded in part by a generous gift from Philippe and Claire-Lise Tondeur

Philippe Tondeur has long worked to connect rising mathematicians with BIG career opportunities and we are pleased to use his support in conjunction with SIAM, MAA, ASA, and other participants of the BIG Math Network which coordinates these Tondeur-supported activities.