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Call for Proposals for the 2011 von Neumann Symposium

Through a bequest from Carroll V. Newson to memorialize the late John von Neumann and his accomplishments, the Society established a quadrennial symposium called the von Neumann Symposium. Subjects of these one-week symposia are to be topics of emerging significance that are expected to underlie future mathematical development. Ideas expressed and shared at these symposia, and the new understandings embodied in the von Neumann proceedings, will reflect exceptional mathematical leadership.

Conference topics in this series have included Quantization and Nonlinear Wave Equations (1994); Arithmetic Fundamental Groups and Noncommutative Algebra (1999); and Symposium on Complex Geometry, Calibrations and Special Holonomy (2003).

Proposals for topics for the 2011 symposium are invited from mathematicians, either singly or in groups. Proposals must include (1) the names and affiliations of proposed members and the chair of the Organizing Committee; (2) a two-to-four page narrative addressing the focus of the topic, including its importance and timeliness; (3) estimated attendance; (4) a list of recent conferences in the same or closely related areas; (5) a tentative list of names and affiliations of the proposed principal speakers; and (6) a list of likely candidates who would be invited to participate and their current affiliations. Individuals willing to serve as organizers should be aware that the professional meetings staff in the Society’s Providence office will provide full support and assistance before, during, and after the conference, thus relieving the organizers of most of the administrative detail. There is some flexibility on the dates for when the symposium can be held in 2011. Organizers should also note that it is required that the proceedings be published by the AMS and a member of the Organizing Committee must be willing to serve as editor of the proceedings.

An application form to be used when submitting suggested proposal(s) may be obtained by clicking here or by writing to the director of Meetings and Conferences, American Mathematical Society, 201 Charles St., Providence, RI 02904; or by telephone: 401-455-4146; fax: 401-455-4004; email:

Deadline for proposals is October 15, 2009. Proposals will be considered by the Von Neumann Symposium Selection Committee.