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AMS Sectional Meeting Presenters

Current as of Sunday, May 11, 2008 00:21:07

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2008 Spring Western Section Meeting
Claremont, CA, May 3-4, 2008 (Saturday - Sunday)
Meeting #1039

Associate secretaries:
Michel L Lapidus, AMS,
Links to abstracts will be available approximately one week (for sectional meetings) to four weeks (for national meetings) after the abstracts deadline. Abstracts are presented in PDF Format. PDF Format is read with Adobe Acrobat Reader which may be downloaded for free.
Adams, Colin C.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Altshuller, Dmitry A   Abstract  Program Listing  
Alwash, Mohamad A.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Anshelevich, Michael    Abstract  Program Listing  
Babson, Eric    Abstract  Program Listing  
Baldridge, Scott Jeremy   Abstract  Program Listing  
Bandlow, Jason    Abstract  Program Listing  
Bao, David    Abstract  Program Listing  
Baragar, Arthur    Abstract  Program Listing  
Basor, Estelle L   Abstract  Program Listing  
Beattie, Margaret    Abstract  Program Listing  
Beer, Gerald    Abstract  Program Listing  
Bennett, Michael A.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Bhat, Harish S   Abstract  Program Listing  
Bisch, Dietmar    Abstract  Program Listing  
von Bremen, Hubertus F   Abstract  Program Listing  
Burger, Edward B.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Burgin, Mark    Abstract  Program Listing  
Burgin, Mark    Abstract  Program Listing  
Burstein, Richard    Abstract  Program Listing  
Candel, Alberto    Abstract  Program Listing  
Caprau, Carmen L   Abstract  Program Listing  
Carriazo, Alfonso    Abstract  Program Listing  
Castillo-Chavez, Carlos    Abstract  Program Listing  
Catoiu, Stefan    Abstract  Program Listing  
Chesebro, Eric B.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Chin, William    Abstract  Program Listing  
Choi, Jeong Ok    Abstract  Program Listing  
Choi, Stephen    Abstract  Program Listing  
Coskun, Hasan    Abstract  Program Listing  
Costa, David G   Abstract  Program Listing  
Cushing, J M   Abstract  Program Listing  
David, Sinnou    Abstract  Program Listing  
Descouens, Francois    Abstract  Program Listing  
Ding, Yu    Abstract  Program Listing  
Donaldson, Neil M   Abstract  Program Listing  
Duong, Han M   Abstract  Program Listing  
Elderkin, Richard H.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Farley, Jonathan David   Abstract  Program Listing  
Feldvoss, Jorg   Abstract  Program Listing  
Filaseta, M    Abstract  Program Listing  
Fleming, Thomas R   Abstract  Program Listing  
Foisy, Joel    Abstract  Program Listing  
Fredrich, Rae    Abstract  Program Listing  
Freed, Rod    Abstract  Program Listing  
F\"uredi, Zoltan    Abstract  Program Listing  
Futer, David    Abstract  Program Listing  
Gallegos, Angela    Abstract  Program Listing  
Garsia, Adriano M   Abstract  Program Listing  
Gehrig, Eric T   Abstract  Program Listing  
Grabiner, Sandy    Abstract  Program Listing  
Griggs, Jerrold R.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Grossman, Pinhas    Abstract  Program Listing  
Guan, Zhuang-dan Daniel   Abstract  Program Listing  
Guerzhoy, Pavel    Abstract  Program Listing  
Haiman, Mark    Abstract  Program Listing  
Helton, J William   Abstract  Program Listing  
Henrich, Allison K   Abstract  Program Listing  
Ho, Mark C   Abstract  Program Listing  
Hurlbert, Glenn    Abstract  Program Listing  
Iovanov, Miodrag Cristian   Abstract  Program Listing  
Jaco, William H   Abstract  Program Listing  
Jedwab, Andrea    Abstract  Program Listing  
Jena, Susil Kumar   Abstract  Program Listing  
Johnson, Jesse    Abstract  Program Listing  
Jones, Brant    Abstract  Program Listing  
Kakihara, Yuichiro    Abstract  Program Listing  
Kashina, Yevgenia    Abstract  Program Listing  
Kawski, Matthias    Abstract  Program Listing  
Khamsi, Mohamed A   Abstract  Program Listing  
Khare, Apoorva    Abstract  Program Listing  
Knese, Greg    Abstract  Program Listing  
Kochetov, Mikhail V.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Kong, Shengli    Abstract  Program Listing  
Koshkin, Sergiy    Abstract  Program Listing  
Krop, Leonid    Abstract  Program Listing  
Ku, Cheng Yeaw    Abstract  Program Listing  
Kumchev, Angel V   Abstract  Program Listing  
Lam, Thomas    Abstract  Program Listing  
Lewicki, Grzegorz C   Abstract  Program Listing  
Li, Hanfeng    Abstract  Program Listing  
Li, Jiaxu    Abstract  Program Listing  
Li, Song-Ying    Abstract  Program Listing  
Lin, Huaxin    Abstract  Program Listing  
Ling, Jun    Abstract  Program Listing  
Mahaffy, Joseph M.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Makoto, Ozawa    Abstract  Program Listing  
Martin, Greg    Abstract  Program Listing  
Mastnak, Mitja    Abstract  Program Listing  
Mattman, Thomas W   Abstract  Program Listing  
Maurizi, Brian    Abstract  Program Listing  
McNamara, Peter R. W.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Mellor, Blake    Abstract  Program Listing  
Milton, John    Abstract  Program Listing  
Mossinghoff, Michael J.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Munteanu, Ovidiu    Abstract  Program Listing  
Nathanson, Melvyn B.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Nikkuni, Ryo    Abstract  Program Listing  
Niu, Zhuang    Abstract  Program Listing  
Nogin, Maria    Abstract  Program Listing  
Noronha, Helena M.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Nourani, Cyrus F   Abstract  Program Listing  
Novelli, Jean-Christophe    Abstract  Program Listing  
O'Donnol, Danielle    Abstract  Program Listing  
Oh, Yun Myung    Abstract  Program Listing  
Ou, Winston    Abstract  Program Listing  
Pasnicu, Cornel    Abstract  Program Listing  
Patton, Linda J   Abstract  Program Listing  
Peters, Emily    Abstract  Program Listing  
Phillips, N. Christopher   Abstract  Program Listing  
Pommersheim, James E   Abstract  Program Listing  
Putinar, Mihai    Abstract  Program Listing  
Qi, S. Zhang   Abstract  Program Listing  
Radunskaya, Ami E   Abstract  Program Listing  
Rao, M. M.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Remmel, Jeffrey B.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Retsek, Dylan Q.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Roybal, Roger A.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Ruiz, Efren    Abstract  Program Listing  
Sacker, Robert J.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Sarason, Donald E   Abstract  Program Listing  
Schilling, Anne    Abstract  Program Listing  
Schneider, Hans-J\"urgen    Abstract  Program Listing  
Schuermann, Achill    Abstract  Program Listing  
Schul, Raanan    Abstract  Program Listing  
Sedgwick, Eric    Abstract  Program Listing  
Sethuraman, B. A.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Shapiro, Victor L   Abstract  Program Listing  
Shareshian, John    Abstract  Program Listing  
Shinjo, Reiko    Abstract  Program Listing  
Shlyakhtenko, D    Abstract  Program Listing  
Sinclair, Christopher D   Abstract  Program Listing  
Sindi, Suzanne S   Abstract  Program Listing  
Smith, Hal L.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Smyth, Chris J   Abstract  Program Listing  
Sommerh\"auser, Yorck    Abstract  Program Listing  
Sprouse, Chad    Abstract  Program Listing  
Staic, Mihai D.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Taft, Earl J.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Taniyama, Kouki    Abstract  Program Listing  
Taylor, Scott A.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Tehrani, Hossein T.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Tesler, Glenn P.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Tevlin, Lenny    Abstract  Program Listing  
Thieme, Horst R   Abstract  Program Listing  
Thi\'ery, Nicolas M.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Tingley, Peter    Abstract  Program Listing  
Tirrell, Jordan O   Abstract  Program Listing  
Tomova, Maggy    Abstract  Program Listing  
Tuba, Imre    Abstract  Program Listing  
Vaaler, Jeffrey D.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Vajiac, Mihaela B   Abstract  Program Listing  
Vidussi, Stefano    Abstract  Program Listing  
Wallace, Steven D.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Walsh, Genevieve S   Abstract  Program Listing  
Wang, Hua    Abstract  Program Listing  
Wilhelm, Frederick    Abstract  Program Listing  
van Willigenburg, Steph    Abstract  Program Listing  
Wilson, Robin T   Abstract  Program Listing  
Witherspoon, Sarah    Abstract  Program Listing  
Wogen, Warren    Abstract  Program Listing  
Yakimov, Milen    Abstract  Program Listing  
Yan, Catherine    Abstract  Program Listing  
Ye, Rugang    Abstract  Program Listing  
Zhang, Shuang    Abstract  Program Listing  
Zwicknagl, Sebastian    Abstract  Program Listing