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AMS Sectional Meeting Presenters

Current as of Sunday, October 14, 2007 00:27:36

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2007 Fall Eastern Section Meeting
New Brunswick, NJ, October 6-7, 2007 (Saturday - Sunday)
Meeting #1031

Associate secretaries:
Lesley M Sibner, AMS
Links to abstracts will be available approximately one week (for sectional meetings) to four weeks (for national meetings) after the abstracts deadline. Abstracts are presented in PDF Format. PDF Format is read with Adobe Acrobat Reader which may be downloaded for free.
Agrawal, Madhusuden    Abstract  Program Listing  
Andrade, Julio Cesar Bueno de   Abstract  Program Listing  
Arroyo, Fangjun    Abstract  Program Listing  
Beck, Jozsef    Abstract  Program Listing  
Berhanu, S.    Abstract  Program Listing  
Billey, Sara C.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Braden, Tom    Abstract  Program Listing  
Brennan, Joseph P   Abstract  Program Listing  
Buch, Anders S.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Cannas da Silva, Ana    Abstract  Program Listing  
Chang, S.-Y. A.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Connes, Alain    Abstract  Program Listing  
Corso, Alberto   Abstract  Program Listing  
Costello, Kevin P   Abstract  Program Listing  
Costin, O.    Abstract  Program Listing  
Cuckler, Bill    Abstract  Program Listing  
Devadoss, Satyan L.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Dowker, Fay    Abstract  Program Listing  
Epstein, Charles L   Abstract  Program Listing  
Evans, Richard B   Abstract  Program Listing  
Farah, Ilijas    Abstract  Program Listing  
Faridi, Sara    Abstract  Program Listing  
Farnum, Edward D.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Friedman, Oleg    Abstract  Program Listing  
Frieze, Alan M.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Gangl, Herbert    Abstract  Program Listing  
Gao, Su    Abstract  Program Listing  
Geramita, Anthony Vito   Abstract  Program Listing  
Ghezzi, Laura    Abstract  Program Listing  
Gibney, Angela C   Abstract  Program Listing  
Glaz, Sarah    Abstract  Program Listing  
Godinho, Leonor    Abstract  Program Listing  
Gonzalez, Eduardo    Abstract  Program Listing  
Goss, David M.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Gubeladze, Joseph    Abstract  Program Listing  
Harada, Megumi    Abstract  Program Listing  
Hariharan, Ananthnarayan    Abstract  Program Listing  
Hildebrand, Martin V.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Hill, C. Denson   Abstract  Program Listing  
Hjorth, Greg    Abstract  Program Listing  
Holm, Tara S.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Horja, R. Paul   Abstract  Program Listing  
Howard, Benjamin James   Abstract  Program Listing  
Hower, Valerie M   Abstract  Program Listing  
Jackson, Steve C   Abstract  Program Listing  
Kastermans, Bart    Abstract  Program Listing  
Katz, Alexander A.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Katz, Eric E   Abstract  Program Listing  
Khalkhali, Masoud    Abstract  Program Listing  
Kimura, Takashi    Abstract  Program Listing  
Klainerman, S.    Abstract  Program Listing  
Knutson, Allen    Abstract  Program Listing  
Kohn, Joseph J.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Kolata, William G   Abstract  Program Listing  
Kreimer, Dirk    Abstract  Program Listing  
Kustin, Andrew R.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Laca, Marcelo    Abstract  Program Listing  
Lanzani, Loredana    Abstract  Program Listing  
Larson, Paul B   Abstract  Program Listing  
Leuschke, Graham J   Abstract  Program Listing  
Li, Y. Y.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Liu, Zhenxia    Abstract  Program Listing  
Lubetzky, Eyal    Abstract  Program Listing  
Malchiodi, A.    Abstract  Program Listing  
Marcolli, Matilde    Abstract  Program Listing  
Materov, Evgeny    Abstract  Program Listing  
Matusevich, Layra Felicia   Abstract  Program Listing  
McGrail, Robert W   Abstract  Program Listing  
Mendoza, Gerardo A.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Miller, Ezra    Abstract  Program Listing  
Moore, Justin Tatch   Abstract  Program Listing  
Nicoara, Andreea Carina   Abstract  Program Listing  
Nill, Benjamin    Abstract  Program Listing  
Noh, Sunsook    Abstract  Program Listing  
Paliogiannis, Fotios C   Abstract  Program Listing  
Pelayo, Alvaro    Abstract  Program Listing  
Pelayo, Alvaro    Abstract  Program Listing  
Penrose, Sir Roger    Abstract  Program Listing  
Petrovic, Sonja    Abstract  Program Listing  
Pham, Thuy    Abstract  Program Listing  
Phong, Duong H   Abstract  Program Listing  
Polini, Claudia    Abstract  Program Listing  
Raich, Andrew S   Abstract  Program Listing  
Ramachandran, Niranjan    Abstract  Program Listing  
Rangipour, Bahram    Abstract  Program Listing  
Rangipour, Bahram    Abstract  Program Listing  
Rej, Abhijnan    Abstract  Program Listing  
von Renesse, Christine    Abstract  Program Listing  
Rimanyi, Richard    Abstract  Program Listing  
Rosendal, Christian    Abstract  Program Listing  
Sabatini, Silvia    Abstract  Program Listing  
Schoutens, Hans    Abstract  Program Listing  
Sheffield, Scott    Abstract  Program Listing  
Sidman, Jessica   Abstract  Program Listing  
Sinai, Y.    Abstract  Program Listing  
Sjamaar, Reyer    Abstract  Program Listing  
Smith, Gregory G.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Smith, Timothy A.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Song, Jian    Abstract  Program Listing  
Soprunov, Ivan    Abstract  Program Listing  
Sorkin, Gregory B   Abstract  Program Listing  
Spencer, Joel H   Abstract  Program Listing  
Straube, Emil J.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Strigul, Nikolay    Abstract  Program Listing  
Sturm, Jacob    Abstract  Program Listing  
Sudakov, Benjamin    Abstract  Program Listing  
van Suijlekom, Walter D.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Teixeira, Pedro    Abstract  Program Listing  
Tetali, Prasad    Abstract  Program Listing  
Thompson, Howard    Abstract  Program Listing  
Todd, A. R.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Tornquist, Asger Dag   Abstract  Program Listing  
Tsankov, Todor    Abstract  Program Listing  
Vassiliadou, Sophia    Abstract  Program Listing  
Villarreal, Rafael H   Abstract  Program Listing  
Vraciu, Adela N   Abstract  Program Listing  
Wang, Mu-Tao    Abstract  Program Listing  
Wood, Philip Matchett   Abstract  Program Listing  
Woodward, Chris T   Abstract  Program Listing  
Wormald, Nicholas C   Abstract  Program Listing  
Wyatt, R. E.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Xu, Ping    Abstract  Program Listing  
Xu, Y.    Abstract  Program Listing  
Yang, P.    Abstract  Program Listing  
Yao, Yongwei    Abstract  Program Listing  
Yau, H.-T.    Abstract  Program Listing  
Yeats, Karen A   Abstract  Program Listing  
Yong, Alexander T   Abstract  Program Listing  
Zapletal, Jindrich    Abstract  Program Listing  
Zara, Catalin    Abstract  Program Listing  
Zelditch, Steve    Abstract  Program Listing  
Zhang, Bin    Abstract  Program Listing  
Zhang, Yuan    Abstract  Program Listing  
Zieve, Michael E   Abstract  Program Listing