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Delbert Ray Fulkerson Prize

Delbert Ray FulkersonThe Fulkerson Prize is awarded for outstanding papers in the area of discrete mathematics.

Prize Details
This award is sponsored jointly by the Mathematical Optimization Society (formerly the Mathematical Programming Society)  and the American Mathematical Society (AMS). Up to three awards of US$1500 are presented at each (triennial) International Symposium of the MPS.

Next Prize
July 2015

Nomination Procedure
Please send nominations (including reference to the nominated article and an evaluation of the work) to the chair of the committee. Electronic submissions to are preferred.

Michele Conforti
Dipartimento di Matematica
Universita' di Padova
via Trieste 63,
35121 Padova- Italy

Most Recent Prize: 2012
The 2012 Fulkerson Prize was awarded to:

  • Sanjeev Arora, Satish Rao, and Umesh Vazirani for improving the approximation ratio for graph separators and related problems from O(\log n) to O(\sqrt{\log n}).
  • Anders Johansson, Jeff Kahn, and Van H. Vu for determining the threshold of edge density above which a random graph can be covered by disjoint copies of a given smaller graph.
  • László Lovász and Balázs Szegedy for characterizing subgraph multiplicity in sequences of dense graphs.

About this Prize
Originally, the prizes were paid out of a memorial fund administered by the AMS that was established by friends of the late Delbert Ray Fulkerson (1924-1976) to encourage mathematical excellence in the fields of research exemplified by his work. The prizes are now funded by an endowment administered by the Mathematical Optimization Society.

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