Mathematics Research Communities

MRC Conference Week 2a: June 4 - 10, 2023

Explicit Computations with Stacks


  • Andrew Kobin, Emory University
  • Soumya Sankar, The Ohio State University
  • Libby Taylor, Center for Computing Science
  • John Voight, Dartmouth College
  • David Zureick-Brown, Emory University


Stacks are ubiquitous in arithmetic and algebraic geometry, arising naturally in the contexts of constructing moduli spaces and forming quotients. They are both an essential technical tool as well as an interesting research topic in their own right. However, stacks have gained a reputation for being extremely abstract and technical, with high barriers to entry into their study. Despite this reputation, some important questions about stacks can be translated into very concrete statements in arithmetic and algebraic geometry. The goal of this MRC is to demystify and broaden understanding of stacks by engaging participants with accessible research problems.

This workshop is targeted towards early-career mathematicians (postdocs and sufficiently advanced graduate students), and support for participating members of underrepresented groups will be particularly emphasized. Participants should have a background in number theory, arithmetic geometry, or algebraic geometry, and they will be provided resources to prepare before the MRC. At the workshop, participants will attend introductory lectures and receive hands-on guidance towards open problems for collaborative research.

Applicants should apply to one of the programs that best matches their research interest. Applications to two MRCs are allowed, but an individual will not be selected to participate in more than one MRC. Individuals applying to three or more MRCs may be disqualified.

The application deadline (February 15, 2023) has now passed and no new applications are being accepted at this time.

For questions about the application process, please contact the Programs Department at the AMS.