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1996 Seattle Mathfest
Seattle, WA, August 10-12, 1996
Meeting #913

Associate secretaries:
Susan J Friedlander, AMS
Donovan H Van Osdol, MAA

Invited Addresses

  • Colin C. Adams, Williams College, Casting about: About casting.
  • Richard Askey, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Integral analogues of the binomial theorem, orthogonal polynomials and education.
  • Richard Askey, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Some of the history of the binomial theorem and its extensions.
  • Richard Askey, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Refined counting and a noncommutative version of the binomial theorem.
  • Edward B. Burger, Williams College, Casting about: About casting.
  • Sylvain Cappell, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University, New geometrical approaches to comparing discrete summation and integration.
  • J. Kevin Colligan, National Security Agency, Nets, sieves, and money: Number theory's rubber hits the I-way road. (PME)
  • Joel Hass, University of California, Davis, The double bubble conjecture.
  • Johnny L. Houston, Elizabeth City State University, An update on the no-three-in line problem. (NAM)
  • Deborah Hughes Hallett, Harvard University, The role of secondary schools in calculus reform.
  • Robert Moses, The Algebra Project, Reflections on mathematics reform, mathematics literacy, and citizenship.
  • Kenneth A. Ross, University of Oregon, The mathematics of card shuffling.
  • Gian-Carlo Rota, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The many lives of binomial coefficients.
  • Atle Selberg, Institute for Advanced Study, The history of the prime number theorem.
  • Karen E. Smith, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Calculus mod p.
  • Alan Tucker, State University of New York, Stony Brook, Influences on graph theory from computing and mathematical sciences.

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