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International Joint Mathematics Meeting
Heidelberg, Germany, October 1-3, 1993
Meeting #885

Associate secretaries:
Robert M Fossum, AMS

Special Session on Complex Analysis

  • Friday October 1, 1993, 16:00-16:50
    Special Session on Complex Analysis, I

    • 16:00
      The boundary behavior of the complex Green function of convex domains in C^n.
      Siegfried Momm*, Heinrich-Heine-Universit\"at, D\"usseldorf
    • 16:30
      Phragmen-Lindelof conditions and singularities.
      R\"udiger W. Braun*, Heinrich-Heine-Universit\"at, D\"usseldorf
  • Saturday October 2, 1993, 14:00-16:45
    Special Session on Complex Analysis, II

    • 14:00
      Estimates on the Szego projection on convex domains.
      Jeffery D. McNeal*, Princeton University
    • 14:30
      Local and global analyticity for square box _b on three dimensional CR manifolds.
      David S. Tartakoff*, University of Illinois, Chicago
      Makhlouf Derridj, Universit\'e de Paris-Sud, France
    • 15:00
      Homotopy formulas for barred partial_b with mixed Levi signatures.
      Mei-Chi Shaw*, University of Notre Dame
    • 15:30
      Invariant metrics on weakly pseudoconvex domains.
      Gregor Herbort*, Universit\"at Wuppertal
    • 16:00
      Some remarks concerning holomorphically convex hulls and envelopes of holomorphy.
      Burglind J\"oricke*, Max-Planck-Arbeitsgruppe, Berlin
    • 16:25
      Sets of weak normality of families of meromorphic mappings.
      Sergey Ivashkovich*, Ruhr-Universit\"at, Bochum
  • Sunday October 3, 1993, 09:00-10:50
    Special Session on Complex Analysis, III

    • 09:00
      A Bochner-Martinelli-Koppelman formula on real hypersurfaces.
      J\"urgen Leiterer*, Humboldt-Universit\"at, Berlin
    • 09:30
      Regularity of del-bar-b and of embeddings of strictly pseudoconvex real hypersurfaces.
      Joachim Michel*, Universit\"at Bonn
    • 10:00
      The generalized corona theorem for H^infinity.
      Raymond Mortini*, Universit\"at Karlsruhe

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