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AMS Activities

The AMS exhibit offered attendees a chance to browse and buy, and pick up some free gifts.

AMS exhibit AMS exhibit
AMS exhibit

AMS Banquet

The annual AMS Banquet was held in the Acadia Ballroom of the New Orleans Marriott Hotel on Monday night, January 8th. Those in attendance with more than 25 years of AMS membership were honored. The attendees with the longest-term membership were Lee Lorch (since 1937) and Peter Lax (since 1945). Since each of these members had been the prizewinner at a previous banquet, the prize for the longest-term membership went to Richard D. Anderson, who joined the society in 1946. While reading the names of long-term members, Executive Director John Ewing entertained the audience with a quiz centered on Past Presidents of the AMS. Guests competed in guessing which president made certain profound statements. Outgoing President James G. Arthur made a simple and eloquent Retiring President's Address, in which he expressed his own appreciation for the many contributions the AMS makes to mathematics all over the world. Dr. Ewing presented incoming President James G. Glimm with his own gavel for presiding at upcoming meetings. It was a most enjoyable evening for members and their guests of all ages.

-- Diane Boumenot, Manager of Membership and Programs

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