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The 2023 Short Course: Call for Proposals

The AMS invites expressions of interest and proposals to organize the Society’s Short Course to be offered January 2–3, 2023 in coordination with the 2023 Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM) in Boston, MA.

Typically incorporating a sequence of survey lectures, tutorials, panels or other activities, the course's theme may be cutting-edge or more established.  Its goal is to provide professional and in-training mathematicians an introduction that can:

  • Satisfy the curiosity of those who are new to the topic
  • Provide an entrée to a new research topic
  • Inspire new methods of problem solving
  • Be part of the participants’ professional development and continuing education

The AMS Short Course Committee encourages proposals that will have wide appeal and might extend the traditional course in subject and/or methodology.  Proposals may, for example, focus on applications in industry, business, economics and social sciences, health and medical care, entrepreneurship, public policy, and other areas.  Proposals might also contain a training component on programming and coding which coordinates well pedagogically with the rest of the course. 

The AMS Short Course Committee is exploring flexible delivery methods for the course. This might include online presentations, recorded lectures available after the course, live stream Q&A sessions, online break-out discussion groups, and other methods. Suggestions by the proposers are encouraged. 

Audience and Topical Focus

The mathematical background, knowledge, and experience of the participants vary greatly; some will be novices and others may be practitioners in the topic.  Typically the attendees include undergraduate and graduate students, and college and university faculty. A short course targeted on individuals with a solid background in undergraduate mathematics is most likely to draw interest and satisfy participants.


An expression of interest may be as short as one page.  Members of the community are also encouraged to nominate organizer-topic pairs.  More detailed guidance is available in the Short Course Manual. Expressions of interest, nominations, and proposals should be sent to the AMS Programs Department. For full consideration, proposals should be submitted by November 19, 2021.