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Short Courses Through the Years

The purpose of the Short Course is to provide a diverse audience of professional and in–training mathematicians an introduction to an area of applied mathematics that can:

  • Satisfy the curiosity of those new to the subject
  • Provide an entrée to new research topics
  • Inspire new methods of problem solving
  • Be part of participants' professional development and continuing education

The Short Course will not be offered at JMM 2024. Questions regarding the Short Course may be directed to the Programs Department.

Prior Short Courses from 1973 to Present

Dates Location Topic
2023 January Boston, Massachusetts Polynomial Systems, Homotopy Continuation and Applications
2022 January Virtual 3D Printing: Challenges and Applications
2021 January Virtual Mathematical and Computational Methods for Complex Social Systems
2020 January Denver, Colorado Mean Field Games: Agent-based Models to Nash Equilibria
2019 January Maryland, Baltimore Sum of Squares: Theory and Applications (SOS)
2018 January California, San Diego Discrete Differential Geometry (DDG)
2017 January Georgia, Atlanta Random Growth Models
2016 January Washington, Seattle Rigorous Numerics in Dynamics
2015 January Texas, San Antonio Finite Frame Theory: A Complete Introduction to Overcompleteness
2014 January Maryland, Baltimore Geometry and Topology in Statistical Inference
2013 January California, San Diego Random Matrices
2012 January Massachusetts, Boston Random Fields & Random Geometry Computing with Elliptic Curves Using Sage
2011 January Lousiana, New Orleans Evolutionary Games Dynamics Computational Topology
2010 January California, San Francisco Markov Chains and Mixing Times
2009 January Washington, DC Quantum Computation and Information: Mathematical Challenges
2008 January California, San Diego Aspects of Knot Theory
2007 January Lousiana, New Orleans Aspects of Statistical Learning
2006 January Texas, San Antonio Modeling & Simulation of Biological Networks
2005 January Georgia, Atlanta The Radon Transform & Applications to Inverse Problems
2004 January Arizona, Phoenix Trends in Optimization
2003 January Maryland, Baltimore Public-Key Cryptography
2002 January California, San Diego Symbolic Dynamics
2001 January Louisiana, New Orleans Mathematical Biology
2000 January Washington, D.C. Quantum Computation
2000 January Washington, D.C. Environmental Mathematics
1999 January Texas, San Antonio Nonlinear Control
1998 January Maryland, Baltimore Singular Perturbations
1997 January California, San Diego Applications of Computational Algebraic Geometry
1997 January California, San Diego Mathematical Finance
1996 January Florida, Orlando Artificial Intelligence
1995 January California, San Francisco Knots and Physics
1995 January California, San Francisco Coding Theory
1994 January Ohio, Cincinnati Complex Dynamics
1993 January Texas, San Antonio Wavelets and Applications
1992 January Maryland, Baltimore New Scientific Applications of Geometry & Topology
1991 January California, San Francisco Probabilistic Combinatorics
1991 August Maine, Orono Number Theory
1990 January Kentucky, Louisville Math Quest/Robotics
1990 August Ohio, Columbus Combinatorial Games
1989 January Arizona, Phoenix Matrix Theory
1989 August Colorado, Boulder Cryptology
1988 January Georgia, Atlanta Comput. Coml. Theory
1988 August Rhode Island, Providence Chaos and Fractals
1987 January Texas, San Antonio Moments in Mathematics
1987 August No short course No short course
1986 January Lousiana, New Orleans Approximation Theory
1986 August No summer meeting No summer meeting
1985 January California, Anaheim Fair Allocation
1985 August Wyoming, Laramie Actuarial Mathematics
1984 January Kentucky, Louisville Information Processing
1984 August Oregon, Eugene Environment & Natural Resource Math
1983 January Colorado. Denver Computer Communications
1983 August New York, Albany Population Biology
1982 January Ohio, Cincinnati Computed Tomography
1982 August Canada, Toronto Statistical Data Analysis
1981 January California, San Francisco Cryptology
1981 August Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh Networks
1980 January Texas, San Antonio Statistics
1980 August Michigan, Ann Arbor Computer Algebra
1979 January Mississippi, Biloxi Game Theory
1979 August Minnesota, Duluth Operations Research
1978 January Georgia, Atlanta Numerical Analysis
1978 August Rhode Island, Providence Systems 7 Control Theory
1977 January Missouri, St. Louis Statistics
1977 August Washington, Seattle Applied Combinatorics
1976 August Canada, Toronto Mathematical Economics
1976 April New York, New York Computing
1976 January Texas, San Antonio Energy Production and Distribution
1975 August Michigan, Kalamazoo Applied Combinatorics
1975 January Washington, DC Operations Research
1974 January California, San Francisco Computing
1973 August Montana, Missoula Computing