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Undergraduate Posters at the 2005 SACNAS Conference

Undergraduate Student Posters in Mathematics were presented on Saturday, October 1. Thanks to these students and to the mathematicians who served as judges. Presenters are denoted in bold.

Application of Dimension Reduction Methods to Microarray Data to Predict Survival Time

Poster B29
Stacey E. Ackerman (Brown University), Cyrus Aghili (Columbia University), John Ratana (Binghamton University), Israel Cabello (Texas State University-San Marcos).

A Multicale Interspecies Competition Model

Poster B18 Jose L. Almora (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Nick Dowdall (Sonoma State University), Benjamin R. Morin (University of Maine), David Murillo (Arizona State University).

Disease Spread as a Function of Socioeconomic Status in Manhattan

Poster B20 Carlos Chiquete (University of Arizona), Julie C. Blackwood (Rochester Institute of Technology), Russell J. Latterman (Arizona State University), Stephen A. Small (Norfolk State University), Karyn Sutton (Arizona State University).

Epidemiology and Evolution of the Influenza Virus

Poster B21 Brandon Hale (Murray State University), Ariel Cintron-Arias (Arizona State University), Lorena Morales-Paredes (University of Alabama at Huntsville), David Segura (Arizona State University).

Modeling Interaction of Predator and Prey Populations on Dynamic Habitats

Poster B25 Poster Presentation Award in Mathematics

Julijana Gjorgjieva, David Gross, and Job Jacobsen (Harvey Mudd College).

The Effects of Migration and Connectivity upon Initial Behavior of Multi-City Endemic Models

Poster B22 Matthew J. Hoffman (New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology), Alan J. Covert (Arizona State University), Laiza A. Espinoza (Arizona State University at the West Campus, Phoenix).

Using Lego Mindstorms to Communicate Between Multiple RCX Units

Poster B26 Juan J. Moreno, Jr. (Texas A&M University-Kingsville, Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program), David R. Cecil (Texas A&M University-Kingsville), Carmelino Castillo (Texas A&M University-Kingsville).

Effects of Lifestyle Choices on Atherosclerosis

Poster B23 Danielle E. Robbins (University of Maryland, Baltimore County), Lily I. Davidoff (Mount Holyoke College), Heather H. Harrington (University of Massachusetts), Ludguier D. Montejo (Whitman College), Fabio A. Sanchez (Cornell University).

The Effect of Alcohol on Neuron Firing

Poster B24 Charles R. Rogers (North Carolina State University), Jeannine T. Abiva (Loyola Marymount University), Edna S. Joseph (University of the Virgin Islands), Arpy K. Mikaelian (University of California, Santa Barbara).

Understanding Mexican Immigration and U.S. Policy Change

Poster B28 Dario Alberto Varela (Arizona State University), Wilbert Fernandez Cuevas (Arizona State University), Genevieve-Yvonne Toutain (Simonís Rock College of Bard).

Competing Population Stochastic Processes

Poster B4 Robert L. Bewernick (University of California, Los Angeles), Jeremy D. Dewar (Loyola Marymount University), Eunice Gray (Sam Houston State University), Nancy Y. Rodriguez (Loyola Marymount University), Randall J. Swift (California State Polytechnic University).

An Epidemic Model of HSV-1 with Vaccination

Poster B5 Saúl A. Blanco (Cornell University), Asela Acosta (Texas A&M International University), Efrat Bar-Zohar (Arizona State University), Dori Luli (North Central College), Linda Q. Gao (North Central College).

Computational Aspects of the Mollweide Projection

Poster B7 Anthony Castro (University of Puerto Rico in Humacao).

Intrinsic Spectral Geometry of the Kerr-Newman Event Horizon

Poster B8 Ricardo J. Cordero and Martin F. Engman (Universidad Metropolitana, San Juan, Puerto Rico).

Interleavers for Error-Correcting Codes

Poster B9 Joyce M. Fernandez (University of Puerto Rico in Humacao).

A Combinatoric Algorithm for Circularity Computation

Poster B10 John J. McGee (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University).

A Continuous Model of Gene Expression

Poster B12 Elizabeth M. Miller (Ferris State University), Jason Q. Pham (California State Polytechnic University), Lissette LaPlace (University of the Virgin Islands), Joseph F. Hunt (Lamar University).

Effectiveness of Interleavers in Turbo Coding

Poster B13 Benjamin P. Moreno (California State Polytechnic University), Laura M. Smith (Western Washington University), Andrea C. Viteri (College of Saint Catherine), Kouadio D. Yao (University of Arkansas at Little Rock).

An Epidemiological Approach to the Spread of Minor Political Parties

Poster B15 Clara Orbe (Brown University), Daniel R. Romero (Arizona State University), Karl Calderon (University of Arizona), Azra Panjwani (University of California, Berkeley).

The Effect of Immune Response and Combination Drug Treatment on the Progression of Multi-Strain HIV

Poster B16 Kelly Smith (Clarion University), Maria Osorio (University of Arizona), Mat Gluck (University of California, Riverside).

Cryptography: Modular Codes

Poster B17 Toy W. Stech and Chock Y. Wong (Chaminade University of Honolulu).

Permutation Monomials with Cycles of Length Two

Poster B31 Louis J. Cruz (University of Puerto Rico in Humacao).

Exploration of Khovanov Homology and Link Cobordisms

Poster B32 Luis A. Guerrero (University of California, San Diego).

Alexander Quandle Identification

Poster A1 Gabriel Murillo, Sam Nelson, and Anthony Thompson (University of California, Riverside).

AMS staff visited the posters and provided a packet of math resources and a gift to each presenter.

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Photographs by AMS Public Awareness Officer Annette Emerson.