Travel Grant Program for ICM 2022

When plans or proposals for funding in support of U.S. mathematicians attending the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM) 2022 in Saint Petersburg, Russia, July 6-14, 2022 are made, they will be announced on this page.

Prior support programs

The American Mathematical Society administered funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to support travel by U.S. based mathematicians to the 2018 International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM 2018), August 1-9, 2018, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  The Society administered the selection, award, and reimbursement process.

The 2018 awards covered up to $3,300 in allowable travel expenses and included the following provisions:

  • Eligibility (during the prior program)

    • This program was open to mathematicians who have a full-time affiliation with an institution in the United States at the time of the Congress. Applications from individuals at all career stages and in all mathematical areas were welcome. Early-career mathematicians, women, and underrepresented minorities were especially encouraged to apply.
    • It was the intent of this program to fund those who would not be able to participate in the Congress without this grant; specifically, it was not intended to be used by participants with existing NSF or other travel support. Early career mathematicians (those who will or who have received a doctorate no earlier than November 1, 2011) received priority in funding.
    • AMS Employees were not eligible.
  • Applications (during the prior program)

    • Applications were submitted electronically and reviewed by a panel of mathematical scientists; award announcements were made in February 2018.
    • Early career mathematicians were required to submit one letter of recommendation from a senior professional mathematician (please note that for any program, fellowship, prize or award that has a maximum period of eligibility after receipt of the doctoral degree, the selection committee may use discretion in making exceptions to the limit on eligibility for candidates whose careers have been interrupted for reasons such as family or health).
    • The application period was during fall, 2017.
  • Conditions on Funding (during the prior program)

    • Mathematicians accepting these grants for partial support of the travel to ICM 2018 were not allowed to supplement them with any other NSF funds.



  • For questions about the travel grant program, email AMS Staff in the AMS Programs Department, or contact by telephone at 800-321-4267, ext. 4189, or 401-455-4189.
  • All information currently available about the ICM 2022 program, organization, and registration procedure is located on the ICM 2022 website.