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AMS Programs Resources and opportunities to further your mathematical pursuits

Programs of the AMS provides the mathematics community with the resources and opportunities to further their mathematical pursuits. Exploring mathematics, learning more about educational issues, receiving travel grants, finding a research fellowship, guiding students in their early years, increasing diversity in the mathematical sciences—these are just a few of the important goals that AMS programs can help you achieve.


Build Your Research Community

The AMS invites mathematicians just beginning their research careers—those who are close to finishing their doctorates or have recently finished— to become part of Mathematics Research Communities, a program that builds social and collaborative networks to inspire and sustain each other in their work. Women and underrepresented minorities are especially encouraged to participate. The structured program engages and guides all participants as they start their careers. Research topics vary each year.

Fund Your Career

Looking for financial support? Find a Travel Grant or a Fellowship administered by the AMS.

Let the AMS help you find Other Sources of Funding.

Work with Students

Interested in learning more about Educational Initiatives such as research at the high school and undergraduate levels? The AMS can help. The AMS also has several programs specifically for students, such as the Arnold Ross Lectures.

Find News and Information for high school and undergraduate students.

Submit an application for an AMS Graduate Student Chapter — generate interest in the mathematical sciences and encourage students in their mathematical pursuits.

Make a Difference

Learn more about efforts to Increase Diversity in the mathematical sciences.

Promote Mathematical Outreach.

Submit an Application or Post your Program Opportunity

The AMS offers an application hosting site for small programs through, a service brought to you by the developer of

Search or list Mathematical Opportunities for students or professionals.

Other Long-standing services

Look for Employment Assistance.

Collect Data on the profession or Network with Department Leaders.

For Contact Information:

For more information about AMS programs, phone 800-321-4267, ext. 4060 or email our Programs Department.