Washington News - 1998

News from Washington postings during 1998:

Call for action - FY 2000 budget for science(11/19/98)
Wrap-up of FY 1999 appropriations/House Science Policy Study(11/4/98)
Status of NSF Appropriations FY 1999 (10/7/98)
House Science Policy Study released/Doubling Bill moves forward/ Appropriations stalled (9/25/98)
Progress of "Doubling Bill" for science research/NSF FY1999 Appropriations (8/98)
Senate Bill would double R&D funding (6/98)
AMS President calls for grass roots action by mathematicians in support of science funding, Notices of the AMS, May 1998 (PDF file)
Call for action on FY 1999 appropriations for NSF (5/98)
AMS President testifies before House Appropriations Subcommittee on NSF's FY1999 budget request (PDF file) (4/21/98)
Mathematics visible on Capitol Hill recently: Congressional Visits Day/Congressional Briefing (3/98)
Join mathematicians for Congressional Visits Day, February 25-26, 1998 (1/98)
Science community calls for doubling of federal investment in research: (1/98)

Unified statement
Arthur Jaffe, 10/22/97
Arthur Jaffe, 10/23/97

Lt. Gen. Kenneth Minihan, Director, National Security Agency, addresses AMS Annual Meeting, (1/98)
Secretary of Education Richard Riley addresses mathematicians at Annual Meeting (1/98)

News from Washington postings during 1997

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