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Help for Mathematicians Displaced by Katrina

Mathematicians Displaced by Katrina

In the months ahead, mathematicians at institutions closed by the recent hurricane and flooding will be seeking places to work temporarily, either as visiting faculty or as adjuncts. Several departments around the country have already offered to host some faculty. The AMS would like to help in matching displaced mathematicians with departments by sharing information.

If you are a mathematician displaced by hurricane Katrina and you are seeking a temporary place to work, or if you represent a mathematics department that might have available space for a mathematician, please call 1-800-321-4267 and ask for "Katrina Relief" or send email.

You will be asked for only basic information and further contact information. Neither mathematicians nor departments are making any commitment by giving us this information. The AMS will NOT make assignments of any kind. Our job is to help mathematicians and departments connect in order to allow each to make decisions.

Please let your colleagues know about this as well.

Alternative Access to MathSciNet

Mathematicians in New Orleans may be away from their regular work environment for many months. The AMS is therefore providing alternative access to MathSciNet and our journals during this time. If you are a mathematician at one of the eight universities in New Orleans (University of New Orleans, Tulane University, Loyola University, Xavier University of Louisiana, Southern University at New Orleans, Our Lady of the Holy Cross College, Dillard University, Delgado Community College) you are eligible for this alternative access until your institution is able to re-activate its service. Beginning Tuesday, September 6, you can call 1-800-321-4267 to receive your username/password. We hope other publishers will provide similar access for all those affected by hurricane Katrina and the flooding. Please pass along this information. Also, if you are at another institution affected by the hurricane, please call the above number to let us know.

Department of Energy Offers Help for Katrina

The Office of Science in the Department of Energy (DOE) has offered help to scientists displaced by hurricane Katrina. This help is available whether or not the affected scientist had received DOE funding in the past. Details are contained in a letter sent on September 8.

AAAS Resources for the Scientific Community

The American Association for the Advancement of Science has a site, Resources for the Scientific Community, which includes a page listing resources needed and offered (such as computers and books).